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66.7% WINNERS IN 2016 - 66.9% THE LAST 5 YEARS
Over Half Of Those Were Dogs & Run Line Wins

The Long Regular Season Is Over...
Now It's The Most Exciting And Profitable Time...
The  World Series.
Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Once again this has been a most profitable season with over 63% winners overall, many of them underdog plays. But now the games are do-or-die, and with the best playing the best, the lines are sharper. AND THAT MEANS JIM HURLEY STEPS INTO THE BOX AND KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE PARK!

The best teams are here because they've been the MOST CONSISTANT ALL SEASON. At Jim Hurley's Network CONSISTENCY IS THE STRONGEST FACTOR. It's a team of the best and brightest numbers-crunchers, top scouts, and handicapping experts who look at baseball as not just a game, put as a passion, and more importantly, a money-making opportunity for those who are astute and perceptive enough to prosper in baseball's minefield of a second season.

Last year we won 68.3% of the games, pegging the Cubs to win the World Series and correctly picking the winner in both Division Series and the NLCS leading up to the Fall Classic.

In the World Series itself we went 5-2 in straight plays and cashing 3 of 4 totals as well.

With the Cubs as our series pick, we've now made it 9 out of the last 13 seasons that Network has been right on the money with its World Series projections.

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