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If you have not made the kind of money you're hoping to make and wonder why the secret still eludes you… The answer is SHARP NUMBERS and KNOWING the SITUATIONS.

If You Have Those, You Win!

  • Blue Ribbon Games have NEVER LOST a SEASON!
  • Multi Edge Games – Must have several edges going for it.
  • Style Mis-Matches knowing which teams can execute.
  • 15 Point Stat Analysis gets true rating for every team.

Every good game on the board involves some psychological or situational factor that is going to bend a “normal” or “expected” line and produce an upset, a blowout or other form reversal-which means GIFT POINTS.

We not only know what’s going on. We know why every number is where it is – and where it’s going. And when we get it right – you will find yourself in a class with the professionals!


Get the Rest of the Season Through the Super Bowl Only $175 (Includes College Bowls)

  • Get top-rated 70%+, games
  • 1 or 2 College games on Saturday and 1 or 2 NFL games on Sunday.
  • Mondays, Thursdays and other weeknights are included if they measure up.

    So how are you going to finish this year? With a whimper or a BANG
    Join the Blue Ribbon Club – Football that pumps up your juices… and NO excuses.

    Jim Hurley
    Jim Hurley

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