NOT IN USE BASKETBALL SPECIALS - Network Friday Mid-Major Mismatch Moneymaker

Mid-Major Mismatch Makes Major Money!
Lopsided Laugher Friday - Standout profits!

No NBA since it's the All Star Break, and most of the big boys are off Friday in college basketball,
but the opportunity to win major money is still there!

Network sources know there's big money to be made on a matchup of mid-level teams, as the public and the linesmakers try and guess just how good these teams are.

But with a full team of handicappers, experts and Vegas connections, Jim Hurley never guesses. HE KNOWS! His Blue Ribbon service has backed that up with 10 wins the last 16 trips to the window, and in this online special he'll back it up again with major money on this one. Just $15

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