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The man who won $17,000,000 with nothing but the Daily Racing Form.®

Gasper "the Gasman" Moschera, leading New York trainer, & the King of the Dark Horses, finally reveals his "Secret Handicapping System" that cashed big mutuels, fooled the bettors & Won Millions of Dollars!

For 20 years, Trainers asked, "How did he do that?"

Meet Gasper Moschera. He started out as a part time player with no horse background and no "blue blooded" stock, and he wound up the winningest trainer in NewYork for 6 consecutive years, hitting the top 10 list every year from1983 to 2000. He took failed horses & turned them into winners. He haltered chronic losers & turned them into world-beaters!

Just knowing what
to look for

What did Gasper see in the Daily Racing Form that told him:

  • MORO, a horse who had lost 16 in a row - would be a champion stakes horse?
  • Up-and-down filly VIDEOGENIC would steady into a $1,100,000 stakes winner?
  • SHOOP would rise from a cheap $25,000 claimer to knock down $840,000 in purses?
  • IRON GAVEL: claimed for $15,000 would go on to win $750,000?
  • MR. SINATRA: claimed for $75,000, would win over $750,000?

Think of it: an outsider from the wrong side of the tracks beating the horsey set at their own game with no-name horses! To add insult to injury, he didn't even look at the horses before claiming them! Plus, he was not only able to spot a horse that was ready for a top effort now, but a horse with the staying power to win again and again!

Hall of Fame Trainer
"Horses really ran for him. He knew what he was doing."

Racing Legend.
"Gasper knew the numbers before the rest of us did and that gave him an edge."

NY Post
"He claimed solely off the Numbers in the Daily Racing Form. Amazing how he did it."

What was he doing to turn these platers into stakes champions? Now at last comes the astonishing truth. Nothing! There were no training secrets! Gasper didn't train his horses to be champions. He simply claimed horses that were already champions in the making - based solely on what he saw in the Daily Racing Form!

In his new book, The Gasman Lights Up The Toteboard, Gasper tells you what to look for in the Form to help you spot back class, hidden class, and a form cycle that's about to start peaking. It's there. Most players just don't see it. Now you can't miss it. In 135 pages filled with easy to understand samples, you'll learn step-by-step how to:

  • Read Between the Lines To Find Value Horses
  • Spot the "Ghost Form" Hints That Show A "Wake Up" Race is Coming
  • Get Inside the "Mind of the Stable"
  • Take Advantage of 10 Key Factors To Cashing Big Tickets
  • Find Horses Ready To Go On Multiple Race Win Streaks

And, much more - to give you everything you need to know to start cashing in on "longshots", "sureshots", and exotic wagers right away.

This kind of insight has application to ALL kinds of racing, all levels of class, all surfaces, all running styles - with the potential to make you all kinds of money! All you need is the PP's, a pencil and our copy of "Gasman" and you're set for life!

Special offer: Just $17.95 and you are
100% Guaranteed TO MAKE MONEY!

We're so sure that his method will work for you, just like it did for him that we're GUARANTEEING YOUR PROFIT! Just try Gasper's method for 60 days, if it isn't everything we say then return it to us, undamaged, in saleable condition,
and receive a full refund of the book's purchase price.

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