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In Bill's own words:

"I did all my handicapping on my coffee breaks. I had no more than fifteen minutes to scan the DRF, look up the pp's, separate the contenders from the pretenders and make my decision. Believe me, it was NOT east but that tiny window of time turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it forced me to KEEP IT SIMPLE. I found out I didn't need speed ratings, par ratings, track variants, or even trainer angles. Everything I needed to know about a horse could be found by identifying its RACING CYCLE. The past performance pattern that predicted a successful effort in today's race. Through trial and error, I found there were FIVE cycles that really counted.  IF A HORSE FIT ONE OF THOSE FIVE CYCLES, I DIDN'T NEED ANYTHING ELSE!"

If you never heard about

Maybe it's time you got a copy and started amazing yourself!

A back-to-basics method so easy you can pick the whole card on your coffee break - yet so profitable it could be the answer you're looking for!


Dear Fellow Player & Friend,

You know what’s wrong with most handicapping systems and methods? The "experts" who create these systems try to do too much. They try to cover or account for too many conditions. They try to get it perfect. And like the old saying has it, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

Whereas if they knew how to be simple - not stupid – simple – they might shock themselves by picking more winners and making more money.

And there’s no better example of this than "The COFFEE BREAK MILLIONAIRE," the amazingly simple method discovered by forklift operator Bill Winn during his morning coffee break at U.S. Steel.

  • I could go on and on - and I’m not even knocking these people. Their stuff MAY work. All I’m saying is you don’t NEED them to win. I’ve proved it. And you can do the same!

    Bill hasn’t told you the half and neither have I. I’ve told you COFFEE BREAK MILLIONAIRE is easy to understand and use. But it is NOT flimsy. On the contrary, it is 175 pages long and is crammed with 32 example races all fully explained with all charts included. Simple? Yes. But it’s also AMPLE. Bill doesn’t stint on details. So if you want to dig below the surface and become a student of the game, you can do so.

    So why not give it a try? To make it easy, we’re offering the COFFEE BREAK MILLIONAIRE
    for only $30.00, plus $5.00 postage & handling
    . I can personally confirm that you can make that back several times over on your first day.

    REMEMBER: IT’S GUARANTEED. Try The COFFEE BREAK MILLIONAIRE for 30 days. If at the end of that time you’re not winning - just send us back the undamaged method with a list of a week’s losing plays at the track you play at – and we will promptly refund your purchase price less p&h.

    For immediate ordering - and to started on your first $million . . .

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    • BETTING CYCLE #1: SECRETS OF THE REPEAT WINNER Forget complicated "bounce" theories. I found the only three factors that tell you when a horse is ready to win two races in a row.
    • BETTING CYCLE #2: SECRETS OF HOW THE STABLE SETS UP A SPRINT RACE FOR AN EASY KILL No, you don’t have to know a trainer. My four simple conditions tell you when a distance horse wins a shorter race – and they’re easy to find in the Daily Racing Form.
    • BETTING CYCLE #3: SECRETS OF SPRINT-TO-ROUTES Trickiest of the distance switches but the payoff is the biggest of all!
    • BETTING CYCLE #4: SECRETS OF THE STRETCHOUT Tons have been written on conditioning races. But my method shows you how to find the simple yes-or-no factors that get the money.
    • BETTING CYCLE #5: SECRETS OF IMPROVING HORSES THAT WIN AT DOUBLE DIGITS The crowd is doing it wrong. My method gets it right. Sprints or routes, Cycle 5 keeps finding the horse that’s ready for a prime effort! Cycle 5 alone has made me a fortune!

      You’ll be asking yourself. "Can it really be that simple?" Yet it really IS!
      • You don’t have to know about Trainer Intent or the Mind of the Stable. You can read the moves in my Racing Cycles!
      • You don’t have to think about distance switches or conditioning races or moves up or down in class. They’re right there in the Racing Cycles.
      • You’ll never have to fine stroke a race or agonize over it or ask yourself "Is THIS the race where they turn the horse loose?" The Racing Cycles tell you!
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