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Hurley on Horses

One of the best jockey colonies anywhere at any time of the year is currently in action at the summer's premier race meet at Saratoga.  With roughly two weeks of action still remaining at The Spa, let's take a closer look into which jockeys make the best bets and are having the best seasons at Saratoga.  You can use this information to bump up your bankroll and make some money during the closing couple of weeks at the meet.

A horse's jockey is one of the most important handicapping elements to consider before horseplayers make their bets. When making selections, the jockey and various jockey moves and trends should always be considered in conjunction with your other handicapping angles to come up with your best possible pick in every race.

After we look at the top jockeys, we will then focus on some ways handicappers can zero-in on some betting angles involving jockeys, and jockey moves that anybody can find right there in black-and-white in the past performances.

These jockey moves and angles occur so frequently as a matter of fact, that it is possible for you to make your picks almost exclusively based on jockey handicapping, if that is what you choose to focus on. Handicapping based solely on jockeys is not recommended, but it is possible to make a decent return on investment if you know how to pick your spots.

Horseplayers must weigh factors such as speed, pace, class, distance, and surface in order to come up with their bets, while also taking into consideration the horse's trainer, and the horse's current form and readiness to run its best race. Nevertheless, no matter how well a horse is prepared, and mo matter how well the horse has been spotted for today's race, once the bell rings and the gates open, it is just the horses and their jockeys who are the only ones that have control over the outcome of the race.

Saratoga Jockey Trends

The human story at the Saratoga meet has been yet another battle atop the jockey standings between Jose Ortiz and Irad Ortiz who are head and head…

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