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Hurley on Horses

The Belmont Stakes has come and gone but a full month still remains at the Belmont Park spring/summer meet. Here are some tips and trends to help you finish strong as the Belmont meet comes down the home stretch.

There are lots of great handicapping and wagering opportunities at Belmont this summer at what has always been the early summer season's premier racetrack.  With a half-meet worth of statistics to sink our teeth into, horseplayers who have been paying attention have accumulated a solid set of data from the Belmont meet so far. We can use that info to break down what we expect to happen the rest of the way.  Therefore, let's attempt to delve into some key statistics and angles in order to formulate a successful plan for the remainder of the meet.

Several trends have quietly - and not so quietly - been taking shape at Belmont Park this season as the meet has progressed.  From what I've seen so far, I have noticed some factors that can help handicappers cash tickets and show profits the rest of the way.  Additionally, I've also been able to pinpoint some hot jockeys and trainers to either key your bets on.


As always on Belmont's dirt track, speed is an extremely handy commodity. Sure, late runners will have every opportunity to close at Belmont with its wide sweeping turns and long stretch, but front runners and pressers always have an edge.

Besides the prevailing speed-favoring nature of the Belmont main track, there are usually certain day-to-day track biases that affect the results and either help or hurt the chances of certain horses on any given afternoon.  This year, as noted below, the Belmont spring/summer season has seen more than its share of track biased days. When you do see those biases appear, it can prove valuable to take notice of them so you can capitalize on the horses affected by biases - both positive and negative - when they return to the track for their next starts.  In other words, it helps your chances to downgrade horses who…

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