Look At July 4th Travel Challenges

With Oddsmaker Nick Bogdanovich


I think way too many handicappers focus on starting pitching in Major League Baseball at the expense of other influences. Sure, pitching is important. But so is offense, managerial strategies, home field, the weather, I could go on and on.

What I want to talk about today are the challenges of travel. It's very difficult to ask a team to play great for you when they played in a different city the day before. Even if their best pitcher is going for them, the offense may sputter as they adjust to the new stadium without much sleep. This is VERY important on July 4th this year because so many teams are playing Sunday afternoon in one city, and Monday afternoon in another.

*The Chicago Cubs play Sunday in Chicago, and Monday in Washington
*Houston plays Sunday in Houston, and Monday in Pittsburgh
*Pittsburgh plays Sunday in Washington, and Monday in Pittsburgh
*Arizona plays Sunday in Oakland, and Monday in Milwaukee
*Milwaukee plays Sunday in Minnesota, and Monday in Milwaukee
*San Diego plays Sunday in Seattle, and Monday in San Francisco
*San Francisco plays Sunday in Detroit, and Monday in San Francisco
*Philadelphia plays Sunday in Toronto, and Monday late afternoon in Florida
*Cincinnati plays Sunday in Cincinnati, and Monday late afternoon in St. Louis
*St. Louis plays Sunday in Tampa Bay, and Monday late afternoon in St. Louis

*Toronto plays Sunday in Toronto, and Monday in Boston
*Boston plays Sunday in Houston, and Monday in Boston
*Tampa Bay plays Sunday in Tampa Bay, and Monday in Minnesota
*Seattle plays Sunday in Seattle, and Monday in Oakland
*The NY Yankees play Sunday in New York, and Monday late afternoon in Cleveland

That's A LOT OF TEAMS who are travelling without a day off from one afternoon game to another. We also have a night game Sunday with Florida at Texas, followed by the Marlins heading back home to Florida for a late afternoon game against Philadelphia.

Some…not all…but some of these teams are going to play like zombies on Monday. Imagine trying to hit fastballs in a blinding sun when you didn't get much sleep the night before! I'll be looking to take advantage of the most vulnerable offenses. And, I'll be looking to play Unders if there are any projected pitcher's duels.

Now, there are also some Monday Night games where teams travelled. This isn't quite as dramatic because there's extra preparation time. It's still far from ideal though.

*Colorado goes from Colorado to Atlanta
*The NY Mets go from New York to Los Angeles (!!)
*Kansas City goes from Colorado to Chicago
*Baltimore goes from Baltimore to Texas
*Detroit goes from Detroit to Los Angeles (!!)

I'm not saying you should just blindly bet against all the airplane teams (or blindly bet Unders if both teams in a game travelled). Just be sure you include their travel issues in your handicapping mix. If you're a fan of one of those teams…maybe it's best to wait until Tuesday to back them…or the next time that starting pitcher takes the hill. If you're a fan of a home team that didn't have to travel…maybe you should think about moving a one-unit play up to two units. Your edge may be bigger than you realized.

Oh, you know…sometimes the players are just as interested in getting the game over with to watch the fireworks show as the fans are!

I hope to be having my own fireworks show for my baseball clients Sunday and Monday as we wrap up the July 4th weekend. You can always purchase my BEST BETS here at the website with your credit card. I have great rates for the rest of the season too. That's your best value because the cost per play is so low. If you have any questions, call my handicapping office at 1-877-822-2276.

I hope you have a fun and SAFE holiday weekend. I'll be back again in a few days to show you once again why the best information comes DIRECT FROM NEVADA!

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