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We have four conference tournaments left for our market ratings rundowns. The ACC, Big Ten, SEC, and Big West all waited until Thursday to get started. I've got number for you in those four events. I've also updated the two conferences who played opening round games Tuesday Night at campus sites (MAC and A10) as they begin the neutral site portion of their events Thursday and Friday).

I'll list the leagues in rotation order...

Duke 93
North Carolina 90
Florida State 84
Clemson 84
Virginia Tech 83
Maryland 83
Boston College 80
Miami 79
NC State 78
Georgia Tech 78
Virginia 76
Wake Forest 67

Some of you may be surprised that Duke rates that far ahead of North Carolina even though they didn't win the ACC regular season title. Maybe the market will make a bigger correction. Carolina was barely favored at home in their Saturday Night victory. That would make the Heels a neutral site underdog. Duke always gets a lot of respect in the market prices because squares (the general public) like to bet on Coach K.

Note that this tournament is being played in Greensboro, North Carolina. It's officially a neutral court, though ACC teams from other parts of the country don't see it that way. I could see allotting a little something for home crowd for Duke and NC if they keep winning, then call it neutral if they meet in the finals.

Kentucky 87
Florida 85
Vanderbilt 83
Tennessee 82
Alabama 82
Georgia 82
Mississippi 80
Arkansas 77
South Carolina 76
Mississippi State 76
Auburn 70
LSU 69

This tournament is being held again in the Georgia Dome. Georgia has played well in this environment in the past, so it's okay with me if you want to give them a little something for home environment and crowd.

Kentucky has had troubles playing to its numbers on the road, but has been mostly impressive at home. It will be interesting to see how the Wildcats perform in a neutral environment. Last year's super talented team had to go overtime to win the SEC championship game, then failed to reach the Final Four as a #1 seed in the Big Dance.

Long Beach State 78
Pacific 74
Cal Santa Barbara 73
Cal Poly 72
Cal Irvine 68
Cal Northridge 68
Cal Fullerton 67
Cal Riverside 66

The final tournament to get under way is the Big West in Anaheim. That's a neutral court for this California-only conference. Long Beach State is favored to take care of business and get the conference's only Dance invitation.

Two conferences started play earlier this week at campus sites, and are now moving to a neutral site for the quarterfinals, semifinals, and championship rounds. I can update the numbers for the eight remaining teams in the MAC and Atlantic 10.

MID AMERICAN (updated for quarterfinals)
Buffalo 76
Kent State 76
Akron 75
Ohio 74
Western Michigan 72
Ball State 71
Miami-OH 71
Bowling Green 68

Games from this point forward are in Cleveland, on the home court of the NBA's Cavaliers. You can see several teams are within a bucket or two of the top. There should be quite a war for the only Dance invitation the MAC is going to get this year.

ATLANTIC 10 (updated for quarterfinals)
Xavier 85
Temple 85
Richmond 83
Duquesne 83
Dayton 77
Rhode Island 77
LaSalle 75
St. Joseph's 73

Atlantic City hosts the weekend rounds. Xavier and Temple are certainly capable of doing big things NEXT week as well as this week. It's nice to see the Atlantic 10 getting back some of its past glory. Hopefully some of the other downward trending leagues can turn things around very soon.

I won't post market ratings every time we're together during March. I'll have some comments in a weekend article, and then a discussion next week of what the sharps are thinking about first round action in the NCAA Tournament. I will provide market ratings for the Dance before it begins. And, I'll probably do the NIT in the later rounds once the non-board teams have been eliminated from play.

I need to emphasize again that these are NOT my PERSONAL ratings. These are my estimates of how the market has been rating the teams lately. You may see some differences this weekend if there are injuries, or if teams get particularly worn out one night in an overtime game or something. I use my personal ratings to guide my efforts to protect my employer as Sportsbook Director and Head Oddsmaker at Cal-Neva...and when making selections for my clients.

You can purchase those selections here at the website with your credit card. Remember to take care of business early for the day games. You can also sign up for the rest of the season at a great rate. If you have any questions, call my handicapping office at 1-877-822-2276. I won't be able to talk to you directly because it's such a busy week at Cal-Neva. One of my assistants will be happy to help you out.

If you're a longtime reader, you know it's true every single March. The best information is going to come to you DIRECT FROM NEVADA!

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