A Colossal Waste of Time!

With Oddsmaker Nick Bogdanovich


The media reported late Tuesday that Nevada sportsbooks made just about $725,000 on Sunday's Super Bowl. That may sound like a lot to you. But over $87 million dollars were bet on the game!

Divide the 1% take amongst the entire state, and it was hardly worth the effort. Of course, it's ALWAYS worth the effort to put yourself in position to make a major score. Nevada would have won BIG money with a Pittsburgh and Under combination. It turns out that all of us who work in sportsbooks went round the clock for two weeks for nothing. Some sportsbooks even lost money on the game.

What happened?

  • The public was on Green Bay and Over for the game. Green Bay and Over cashed.
  • The public loves betting parlays. Most of the parlays were Green Bay and Over.
  • Sharps who bet BIG and EARLY on Green Bay at -1.5 or -2 won their bets. There was some sharp sentiment at Pittsburgh +3 with the books who went that high, and even some +2.5 with underdog juice (my store, Cal-Neva never went to -3). But, the big money from sharp bets were on Green Bay early rather than Pittsburgh late. It didn't split out. In terms of volume, the sharp money was on Green Bay.  
  • The halftime line went up with Pittsburgh as a favorite. Everyone who raced to the windows to bet the second half went with Pittsburgh and Over...and swept THOSE bets too.
  • Props weren't as lucrative as they normally are, partly because Jordi Nelson was a popular longshot choice to score the first touchdown, and that's exactly what happened. Those payouts erased some other profits.
  • Teasers aren't as popular in the Super Bowl as they are during the regular season. But, anybody who bet them probably took a team with the Over. Both Green Bay and Pittsburgh covered their teaser spreads in the six-point finish.

That gives you a sense of how great it is to be a sportsbook. It was almost a perfect storm disaster and Nevada still made a little money! Any other combinations, and it's a big profit day.

Of course, you have to remember to that all the "futures" bets were finalized once the game was in the books. Gamblers who bet on anyone besides Green Bay to win the championship obviously lost. Green Bay didn't offer very high payoffs before the season started because they were a popular choice to have a great year. Then, when many key players got injured, nobody was taking them on the futures regardless of the price. This helped the bottom line quite a bit.

Congrats to all of you who had Green Bay and Over. My personal handicapping had pointed that way because I thought Green Bay was peaking at the right time, and because they seemed perfectly built for indoor football. I have to say though, Pittsburgh impressed me even in their losing effort. If they played that game 10 more times, it might split out 5-5 both ways. That's 6-5 for Green Bay over 11 games...and it's edges that thin that often separate winners from losers in Nevada. Sportsbooks sure wish the game was being played again tomorrow so they'd have a shot to hit the motherlode they just missed.

Now it's time to focus on basketball. Traffic won't be nearly as heavy of course. Nevada's chances to make a killing only come around once each year. Now it's back to grinding on a day-by-day basis.

That's fine with me. College Basketball is my favorite sport to handicap, bet, and watch on TV. I don't consider it a grind at all. What a great way to make a living!

My unique position in the center of the legal sports betting markets makes me the most dangerous handicapper in the field.

  • I know what the sharpest syndicates are playing. I can pass those games on to you.
  • I know which games are shaded against public sentiment. I can guide you the other way to take advantage of those extra points.
  • I've won multiple handicapping contests because of my basketball expertise, so my strongest opinions are going to do well even if the Wise Guys aren't playing those games.

You can purchase my basketball BEST BETS here at the website with your credit card. Plays go up a few hours before the first tip off every day. The matchups I'm looking at for Wednesday include Georgetown/Syracuse, North Carolina/Duke, Louisville at Notre Dame, Texas/Oklahoma, and Florida at South Carolina. Thursday's card features Connecticut at St. John's, Illinois at Minnesota, and the LA Lakers at Boston in the NBA.

I've got great rates for the full season. Those offer your best value.

We've been doing great in basketball all season already. Now it's time to for YOU to focus on the road to March Madness. Your next big winner goes tonight. And, from now through the Final Four, the best information will always come to you DIRECT FROM NEVADA!

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