College Markets Changing

With Oddsmaker Nick Bogdanovich


If you're an avid sports bettor, you may have been following this story closely. If you're just a casual fan, you may have had no idea at all.

College basketball Over/Unders are FINALLY become widely available, after several weeks of very timid offerings from sportsbooks.

The offshore world in particular has been slow to post Over/Unders in all the games. They either weren't offered, were offered only in TV games, or were offered with very small betting limits. That finally changed a few days ago. What happened? Weren't we to a point several years ago where any legally bettable game had a side and a total?

College totals have become virtually impossible for sportsbooks to win any money on in the months of November and December, and mostly January too. Here's why:

  • It's only SHARPS (professional wagerers) who bet college totals in those months. The squares (the general public) are still focused on football. If the squares do bet basketball, it's only in the TV games. And, if they're betting the TV games, it's usually just the team side and not the total.
  • Sharps were always good with totals, but they've become VERY good in recent seasons thanks to advancements in computer programming and handicapping strategies. Oddsmakers just don't have the time or staff resources to study this niche option in quite the same way.
  • The sagging economy tightened the market in such a way that sportsbooks couldn't take these losses any more. It's one thing to swallow some losses to sharps knowing that you'll still clean up from the squares in football. Squares stopped betting like they used to. The bottom line necessitated that vulnerable propositions come down off the board until things turn around again. 
  • And, I have to say that there are some stores out there who have been looking to trim personnel rather than add personnel. Everyone's so focused on the bottom line that it's just easier to either freeze hiring or lay people off while NOT offering totals, than it is to try and hire a totals expert to come in and battle the sharps for you.

That's what kept college basketball totals off the board in so many places most of the season. They're coming up now because:

  • The public has become more visible in this sport with football winding down
  • Teams have played so many games that their totals tendencies are clear
  • Sportsbooks did well enough during football that they're less afraid of the market
  • The economy looks like it's starting to move in the right direction

Hey, if sportsbooks take a bath in totals the next few weeks, they may come back off the board. For now, smart bettors like YOU now have some additional options you can attack. Be sure you think like a sharp and act like a sharp while you can!

I don't release many totals myself to my clients. I understand everyone has different access to the legal betting markets depending on their personal situation. My BEST BETS will be games everyone can play! You can sign up for my personal service online with your credit card. I've got great rates for the rest of the season. Or, try things out this weekend on a day-to-day basis. Selections go up a few hours before the first tip off.

On tap:

FRIDAY: A Friday Night STUNNER from either the NBA or the Ivy League. I have a great history in the Ivy League because I love handicapping the minor conferences just as much as the majors. I've noticed that Friday Night STEAM in the NBA has been particularly hot of late too with the syndicates I most respect.

SATURDAY: Barring line surprises, my BIG EAST GAME OF THE YEAR and my COLLEGE UPSET OF THE MONTH will both go on this very busy day. This will be the single biggest day thus far for my personal service in terms of betting units. What a perfect time to try out my service!

SUNDAY: My NBA GAME OF THE MONTH for January will be in the Boston/LA Lakers game nationally televised by ABC. That will be a popular betting game in Nevada because the Lakers are a virtual home team, and everyone's still in the habit of betting on Sundays right now. Without any NFL to ponder, THIS is the marquee game of the day.

MONDAY: Big Monday on ESPN brings my RIVALRY GAME OF THE MONTH in Texas/Texas A&M. The Horns have been on quite a roll lately. But, Texas A&M has been hurting people at home, and the Aggies will have revenge off a recent loss in Austin.

Be conservative and just focus on the BEST BETS from your friend behind the line. Or, consider stepping out on some newly available totals if you think you have a good read on a game of local or TV interest to you. Bet legally when you have an edge, knowing the best information will always come to you DIRECT FROM NEVADA!


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