A Blueprint for Winning

With Oddsmaker Nick Bogdanovich


I'm sure many of you watched the "60 Minutes" segment on entrepreneur and professional gambler Billy Walters after the Jets/Patriots game ended Sunday evening. If you missed it, I encourage you to visit the CBS website to watch a clip.

Viewers got a true sense of what Vegas sharps have to do to make money in the current environment.

  • Research. Walters has a staff of experts scattered all over the country who feed him information that help him find edges. He may have his own opinions on games too. But, they're very informed opinions because of all the resources he's created over the years. He has stat guys. He has injury information guys. He talked about a "savant" who can name every player on every team off the top of his head.
  • Computers. CBS showed Walters sitting in front of computer screens that show the current pointspreads at Las Vegas Sportsbooks and offshore sites. Walters is constantly monitoring line movements so he can act when he sees a number he wants to attack. Monitoring the lines also helps him see when he's created his own head fakes that have tricked Sportsbooks into moving in the wrong direction.
  • Beards. Billy Walters doesn't walk up to a Sportsbook window and place bets himself. Many places won't even knowingly take his action because they're scared to death of him. He's hired people all over the market to step in and make bets for him once he gives them the signal.
  • Bankroll. Nobody has a bigger sports betting bankroll than Billy Walters. He's so rich that this is mostly entertainment for him right now. Sure, he's a very intense competitor who wants to win. But, he has a bankroll big enough to weather any temporary setbacks. He's never going to bust out betting sports.
  • Brains. This goes without saying, and could easily go first on the list. This is a man who knows what he's doing. He knows how to find the right information, how to protect the right information, how to act on the right information, and how to keep right on doing that even though the market keeps trying to find ways to defend against him.

If you want to be a winner in the field of legal sports betting, there's no better model to follow. You'll never be Billy Walters. There's only one Billy Walters! But, you can apply the same fundamentals to your personal approach.

  • Make sure you're getting good information (perhaps, by signing up with the service of a respected oddsmaker who gets you the best information direct from Nevada!).
  • Make sure you're shopping for the best number at all times. Don't be lazy in this area. This makes a huge difference over the course of a calendar year.
  • Use proper money management so you're building your bankroll as you're protecting it. This may be the single biggest pitfall for squares (the general public). They overbet and have no way to recover from a bad day.
  • Start with the premise that you're not as smart as you think you are, and keep working to improve your game and your strategies. There's a fine line between confidence and overconfidence. Billy Walters lives right at that line.

It was great to see a positive piece about sports betting on a major network. Though, it was kind of funny that CBS didn't mention what happened in the Pro-Am at Pebble Beach a few years ago...when Walters used a somewhat questionable handicap to win a trophy! And, CBS televised the tournament! The "60 Minutes" story showed what was possible for sports bettors to accomplish if they're ready to work hard and keep their nose to the grindstone.

I hope that story inspired YOU to do the same thing. If you're ready to get serious about winning, NICK BOGDANOVICH is the PERFECT SOURCE for information. As an oddsmaker (and Sportsbook Director at Cal-Neva), a big bettor, a handicapping contest winner, and a professional handicapper, I've got the bases covered from all angles. My BEST BETS represent the very strongest plays from my own approach and what I'm hearing from the winningest syndicates in the market.

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Based on what you saw in that TV package, isn't it OBVIOUS to you that the best sports information will always come DIRECT FROM NEVADA?!


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