Texas Rangers Fool's Gold?



Entering the weekend, the Texas Rangers were the best betting team in the American League. They had shown more profit for their backers than anyone else in the 14-team circuit. Only San Diego and the NY Mets were more profitable among all 30 Major League teams heading into Saturday action.

It's tempting to say that oddsmakers missed this. But, have you seen the high prices on Texas Rangers home games?! Oddsmakers DIDN'T miss it. They've been putting up very tall numbers. The Rangers just kept winning a lot of home games anyway. If you win, it doesn't matter if the line was -150, -200, or -250...it goes down as plus one unit on the scorecard.

I'll definitely concede that the Rangers have been playing better than I thought they would. I expected improvement, but not something near .600 ball approaching the All-Star Break. I'm far from convinced they can keep this going. Let's not forget what happened to the Tampa Bay Rays several weeks ago.

11-18 last 29

The Rays were the toast of the town with a 32-12 record through 44 games. That made THEM the biggest profit team in baseball to that point in the season. The Rays went 11-18 over their next 29 games, suddenly playing like they were one of the worst teams in baseball! They're neither as good as they looked during the 32-12 start, or as bad as they've looked during the 11-18 slump. Note how expensive some of those losses have been though.

Tampa Bay (-170) lost at Houston 2-1
Tampa Bay (-160) lost to Boston 11-3
Tampa Bay (-220) lost to CWS 4-2
Tampa Bay (-175) lost to CWS 8-5
Tampa Bay (-180) lost to Florida 14-9
Tampa Bay (-210) lost to Florida 6-1
Tampa Bay (-175) lost to Florida 7-4
Tampa Bay (-190) lost to San Diego 5-4
Tampa Bay (-180) lost to Arizona 1-0

It's rare for a team to lose THAT often as a big favorite, yet stay so expensive. The Rays looked so great during their early hot stretch that nobody could believe they'd cool off so dramatically.

Sound familiar? That may be what we're looking at with the Texas Rangers right now. Texas has been on fire in recent weeks. Their pitching staff is MUCH improved over prior years. Their hitters know how to exploit their unique home field characteristics. To the naked eye, Texas has the look of a team that's 'arrived' under the leadership behind the scenes of Nolan Ryan. They have his swagger, his toughness, and ERA's that would surprise casual followers of the game.

Tampa Bay's pitchers were great during the 32-12 start. Then they stopped being so great.

I'm not saying Texas is staring a 10-20 slump in the face. I am saying that their recent money streak may represent 'fool's gold' if you keep trying to chase it through high market prices. If you made money on the Rangers, pocket some of that and cut back on your future investments. If you missed the bandwagon, don't think NOW is the time to jump on. The prices are so high (at home anyway) that it's hard to imagine there's a lot of value left except in the most extreme circumstances.

I do like what I'm seeing with this team. I may consider backing them at value prices on the road, or at reasonable prices when they're matched up against league powers. We'll have to see how they perform against league powers when they match up again. The schedule's been pretty soft lately. Vegas sharps will always tell you that you don't make money laying high chalk in baseball. You make money taking the dogs against overpriced chalk...or by taking quality teams at affordable prices.

Make sure you're being responsible with Rangers games.

Well, you should make sure you're being responsible with ALL of your legal sports bets! If you'd like some help with that, sign up for my personal service by calling 1-877-822-2276. My BEST BETS are also available here at the website for credit card purchase.

If you've been around the gambling world for any length of time...you've seen hot streaks...you've seen cold streaks...and you know how to deal with both. Texas is on fire right now. Tampa Bay showed you how little that can mean over the long haul. The world's best gamblers live in Las Vegas and Reno. That's why the best information is always going to come to you DIRECT FROM NEVADA!

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