Vegas Book Offers College Games of Year



The limits aren't very high, but the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas recently posted its annual "Game of the Year" lines for college football marquee matchups.

Sharps are usually looking to make a big score, so they often use these early numbers to get a read on what oddsmakers are thinking rather than to step in and make low-limit bets. Sharps will take free money if it's being offered. But, some of these guys spend more on dinner and "entertainment" each evening than what they can win on low limit bets. In their mind, they can make more "free money" by waiting several weeks until limits go up and they can REALLY hit a soft number.

Whether you are looking at these because you're travelling to Vegas soon and want to make some early football bets downtown, or just because you love the sport and want to get your handicapping in's worth your time to study the early numbers in my view.

Here's what went up for the marquee matchups in Week One:

South Carolina (-14) vs. Southern Miss (Thursday Night)
Utah (-3½) vs. Pittsburgh (Thursday Night)
North Carolina (-3) vs. LSU (Saturday in the Georgia Dome)
TCU (-10½) vs. Oregon State (Saturday at Cowboys Stadium)
Boise State (-2½) vs. Virginia Tech (Monday in Washington, DC)

Isn't it interesting that mid-major teams are getting marquee TV coverage and early GOY numbers from the Golden Nugget. That tells you how much respect those squads are getting...and it tells you how LAME season openers are for so many board teams now who schedule patsies to protect their records!

Will those lines represent the numbers we'll actually see when September rolls around? Remember that sportsbooks tend to shade against public action...and my read here is that the Golden Nugget is assuming squares want to bet TCU, Boise State, and Utah in top priority games for those teams. I would expect sharps to take the points with Virginia Tech because that's close to being a home game for them. Sharps tend to focus on underdogs I could see sharps thinking seriously about all of those dogs.

As you compile your power ratings this summer, remember that any early line from a sportsbooks gives you insights into where the oddsmakers have their power ratings. Home field is worth three points. Oddsmakers think Utah is a little better than Pittsburgh. Oddsmakers think Boise has a slightly bigger edge over Virginia Tech. 

The Week Two schedule is much more exciting in terms of the BCS conferences. Let's take a look at those:

Oklahoma (-10) vs. Florida State
Ohio State (-8) vs. Miami of Florida
Florida (-18) vs. South Florida
Alabama (-9½) vs. Penn State
Notre Dame (-7) vs. Michigan

There you go! Great to see Ohio State and Penn State testing themselves in September. The Big 10 lost a lot of respect when Ohio State got crushed in back-to-back championship games. They did beat Oregon in the Rose Bowl last year. Maybe this second week of the season will signal a return to greatness for the league.

Those are some high quality underdogs on the list. Sharps love taking points with high quality teams. I'm very interested to see how the market will handle these games come September. The TV slate will have the feel of New Year's Day with that many quality matchups.

It's never too early to start thinking about football! I've already seen a lot of guys thumbing through the preseason annuals that are out on newsstands now. Sportsbooks are a great place to sit down and take notes. You've got games and horse races going on the big screen TV's. Attractive waitresses will bring you drinks. You're probably at your kitchen table drawing through returning starters with a highlighter, eating stale potato chips and noticing it's time to mow the grass.

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While you're sitting at your kitchen table...the sharps are sitting in sportsbooks. That's why the best information will always come DIRECT FROM NEVADA!


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