Yankee Faders Finally Get Some Wins



Things are always evolving in the world of legal sports betting. But, one thing that's stayed the same for many years:


Some years this works great. When New York is a true powerhouse though, it's hard to make any money. If a team is going to win 100 games or more, the underdog payoffs on those 62 winners have to be pretty steep to show a profit.

Why do sharps fade the Yankees?

*Oddsmakers have been stacking lines against the Yankees for years. That's mostly because the public loves betting the Yanks and sportsbooks charge them a premium for the honor. Sharps always step in to take free points or free odds when they believe they're available.

*The Yankees are obviously the top media team in the sport, and media coverage can drive the Nevada numbers too. Not only because they influence the public, but because oddsmakers are prone to respect the celebrated collection of talent on the roster as well. When you see AROD and Jeter on TV all the time doing heroic things, its easy to price the Yanks as a team of heroes. There's a lot of baseball on the big screen TV's in Nevada during the summer because there's not much else going on. Oddsmakers react to what they see. Sharps love fading media hype no matter who it's influencing.

*Big name pitchers get a lot of respect in the line, and the Yankees try to acquire big name pitchers. When they brought in C.C. Sabathia, that guaranteed huge lines in his games for the foreseeable future. Imagine if they had brought in Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee. Sharps almost by default will take huge baseball underdogs because anything can happen in a nine-inning sprint. Some like using them in side and total parlays because of the lottery-type payoffs (about the only time you see sharps betting parlays).

*The Yankees were a GREAT fade for many years because team management kept making the same mistakes over and over again. They kept buying guys who were past their prime thinking that 'veteran production' was the best kind. Now, they're buying guys in their prime, which has a much better chance of working! Sharps were rewarded in the past, and it's tough to kick a habit that had been winning.

Prior to the past few days, the Yanks had been on fire for the season. Well, they were horrible when the extremely overrated Javier Vazquez was on the mound (he posted great stats in the inferior National League last year, and the Yankees should have realized that!), but red hot with everyone else.

Heading into Sunday Night's game at Boston, New York was:
1-4 in games started by Vazquez
20-4 in games started by anyone else

Trying making money with a 4-20 record on dogs!

The Yankees did hit a skid though, losing Sunday Night at Fenway, then three of four in Detroit (including another loss with Vazquez). Heading into a home series against the Minnesota Twins this weekend (in a playoff rematch):

1-5 in games started by Vazquez
21-7 in games started by anyone else

Yankee faders have won four of their last five, and are having a good week so far. Should YOU be fading the Yankees?

*New York was 103-69 last year, and not a good team to fade.

*New York was 89-73 two seasons ago, and made faders a few units because prices were so high that +16 in wins couldn't clear the moneyline hurdles.

If you see this as a 90-win team that got off to a misleading fast start, I can buy it. If you see them as a 100 or 105-win team that's continuing last year's very high level of play, it's hard to expect much of a profit.

I'd keep fading Vazquez, and any off-rotation guy like Sergio Mitre that gets an emergency start. You couldn't make me bet against Phil Hughes right now. He's unhittable. To me, there are better teams to fade than the Yankees. In fact, SEVERAL teams right now who are better to fade than the Yankees. I think some of the old school sharps might be better served by chasing value elsewhere for the time being. You can pick your spots against the Yankees. That's the limit in my view.

Will there be spots to pick against the Yankees in their weekend series with Minnesota. Hey, I'm not going to post any selections here in my web article! That information is for customers. I can tell you I've run through all the pitching matchups for both leagues already this weekend...and there are several very appetizing spots for us. I'm also looking forward to the resumption of the NBA playoffs and Saturday's Preakness Stakes.

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Baseball dynasties come and go, and so do sharp betting strategies. One thing you can always be sure of is that the best information will always come to you DIRECT FROM NEVADA!

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