Kobe and Lakers Overrated Again

Tony Salinas: Kobe and Lakers Overrated Again

Even though Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers are still alive in the 2012 NBA Playoffs, they're going to have to rally hard to earn a winning pointspread record for the full postseason. Eight games into the playoffs, the Lakers are 3-5 against the Vegas number, and that includes some HUGE misses like we saw Monday Night in Oklahoma City.

Remember, this is the same team that went 0-4 against the spread when they got swept by the Dallas Mavericks last year in the second round. That makes the Lakers 3-9 ATS in their last 12 playoff games.

Why are the Lakers so overpriced in Las Vegas?

  • First, the public doesn't bet much NBA during down economy...but EVERYONE wants to bet on Kobe and the Lakers here in Las Vegas because they're basically a hometown team. Las Vegas might as well be Brentwood given how many fans of LA teams live here. Kobe is this town's Michael Jordan, except he's still on the floor competing. Because of this public interest, local sportsbooks have to shade the lines against the Lakers to protect their bottom line.

  • Secondly, Kobe Bryant has gotten old, and nobody wants to accept it. He played old last year, particularly in that horrible series for the team against Dallas. Some offseason medical treatments helped him play well through much of the regular season in 2012. But, he's been showing signs of age again lately if you watch him move around the floor. He's saving his energy for offense, and not doing much on defense. This Lakers defense isn't very good when Kobe isn't shutting down another team's scorer. The big guys in the paint are only dangerous if you run up to them to shoot. Kobe's not the player he used to be, but he's being priced like he's a peak superstar.

  • Thirdly, the media keeps hyping Kobe rather than talking about his decline. If you really follow basketball closely, and watch all the games (like I do on the big screen TV's at the local sportsbooks), it's impossible to miss Kobe's decline in terms of all-around play. ESPN and the newspapers keep talking about his scoring...how he just missed winning the scoring title in that battle with Kevin Durant. Well, that only happened because Kobe wouldn't stop shooting! If you shoot all night some are bound to go in! The Laker are at their best on offense when Kobe is sharing the ball with Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. The Lakers are at their best defensively when Kobe has the energy to guard somebody. The media is focused on the wrong things, and they keep misdirecting the public.

This is great for smart handicappers who know how to recognize value when they see it. Fading Kobe would be 9-3 over the last 12 playoff games, which is something everyone should see! I'll have to think about the unique circumstances in Wednesday's Game Two because the Lakers are a zig-zag team coming off a big loss. The TONY SALINAS ZIG ZAG THEORY suggests you should take the Game One loser in Game Two (which worked on Philadelphia up in Boston by the way). Do I want to back the long term theory? Or, do I want to fade the team that's clearly been overpriced in the short term?

You can purchase that big play right here at the website with your credit card for just $20. Bonus baseball is included. Remember, you only get the plays I'm betting THE BIGGEST myself. I'm 8-1 in the NBA (5-0 in totals) since May 11, and 15-9-2 in baseball since May 7! Wednesday's plays are up now.

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Finding overrated teams and fading them at the right times is probably the single biggest key to GETTING THE BEST OF IT as a legal sports bettor. I've been trying to pound that into your heads for many years now at this website. It's clear to me we have a few teams who are likely to be overrated moving forward in the playoffs besides the Lakers (the line may finally be catching up to them anyway). The public is going to bet the hyped teams in the second round, the conference finals, and the league championship. Don't take the worst of it listening to the media. Sign up with TONY SALINAS so you can GET THE BEST OF IT!


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