Streak Theory Scoring Big

Streak Theory Scoring Big

By Tony Salinas:

The Kansas City Royals take a 12-game losing streak into tonight's game against the Cleveland Indians. Followers of the TONY SALINAS STREAK THEORY have strung together several wins with a very simple strategy that's proven the test of time. I've won 4 of the last 5 in the NBA, and am 9-2 in basebal the past week.

What is my streak theory? You regulars have read about it here at the website in the past. For you newcomers, it's very simple.

  • After a team has WON THREE GAMES IN A ROW, bet on them to keep WINNING until the streak comes to an end.

  • After a team has LOST THREE GAMES IN A ROW, bet on them to keep LOSING until the streak comes to an end.

Yes, some streaks come to an end right at three. But, it's fairly common once a hot team is on fire, or a cold team gets down in the dumps...for as streak to make it to five, six, or seven games. And, every so often, you see what's happening right now with Kansas City. We're at 12 and counting. Even if it ends tonight, the streak theory would have posted a 9-1 record in this one sample (you always lose the last bet). Maybe it will go on for a few days. Who knows. The point is, you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT with this strategy over the long haul.

Why does this work?

  • When teams are hitting on all cylinders, they can turn into a freight train that's very hard to slow down. Teams who aren't hitting on all cylinders have trouble getting to three straight wins in the first place because of the nature of baseball. Talented teams, particularly later in the year when some of the lesser teams lose their desire to compete, can run off multiple money-making winning streaks.

  • When bad or shorthanded teams are down in the dumps, they often don't snap out of it until there's a managerial change or a star player returns to the lineup. Bullpens wear down from constant use. Slumping hitters get overly aggressive, just making things worse. Kansas City ran into this earlier than most teams do. We're going to see a few more double digit losing streaks in my view this season. There are a few teams who don't have the talent to compete consistently for the full six month season.

This strategy can be uncomfortable for some bettors because you do end up laying big prices on favorites whether you're taking a hot team or fading a bad team in a slump. That goes against my traditional strategy of focusing on underdogs in all sports. But, I go where the money is. My streak theory makes money. This strategy is so simple anybody could do it. And, there's not much oddsmakers can do about it because baseball betting is all about the straight up winners of each game.

And, you do sometimes run into surprises where you're getting great value. Sometimes a mid-level team finds themselves, and goes on a long successful run that puts them into playoff contention. It can take oddsmakers a couple of weeks before realizing what's happened. On the other end of the spectrum, some playoff contenders just aren't destined to be as good as they expected. They have losing streaks as favorites, which means bettors are enjoying winning streaks on underdogs. You might be surprised how often you're taking small favorites or underdogs with this strategy.

I strongly encourage you to use this approach as part of your arsenal this season. I've said the same thing in early season articles for as long as I've been writing for this website.

Now, don't think that signing up for my personal service just means you get streak theory games. There aren't always qualifiers every day. And, my customers get the exact same games I'm betting the BIGGEST myself. Often the streak theory games are value bets for me as an action-minded handicapper rather than big bets. To get the very best plays on the board every day, you can purchase my game day releases right here at the website. Or, sign up for my HIGH ROLLER service at 1-888-536-8880.

I love handicapping early season baseball, and the NBA Playoffs start this weekend. I'll outline THE TONY SALINAS ZIG ZAG THEORY the next time we're together. Other people take credit for it, but I invented it! A lot of guys do it wrong. I'll make sure you're doing it right when I outline the strategy in a few days.

I've made a living as a gambler in Las Vegas for longer than many of you have been born. Many others have tried but failed because they were always taking the worst of it until they ran out of money. Make sure you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT by signing up with TONY SALINAS!


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