Is it "Bonehead" Time for Norv Turner?

Tony Salinas: Is it "Bonehead" Time for Norv Turner?

Everyone's talking about how hot the San Diego Chargers have been the last few weeks. They have a great December record over the years...and a recent little hot streak has convinced many that the team is going to beat Detroit on Saturday, and then win in Oakland next Sunday. That might be enough to win the Chargers the AFC West crown if they get some help from Denver's opponents the next two weeks (Buffalo or Kansas City).

Look, San Diego is playing well. But, let's put it in perspective.

  • San Diego crushed Jacksonville three weeks ago in a Monday Night game. But, Jacksonville is one of the worst teams in the league. That same Jaguars squad would fall behind Atlanta 41-0 a week and a half after the game.

  • San Diego crushed Buffalo two weeks ago...but Buffalo has been one of the worst teams in the league during the second half of the season. They just fell off the map...and have embarrassed themselves week after week. Anyone who knows what they're doing is beating Buffalo right now.

  • San Diego did impress against Baltimore last Sunday night. But, Baltimore's been inconsistent on the road this season, losing also to Tennessee, Jacksonville, and Seattle. Would you love either Tennessee, Jacksonville, or Seattle right now on the road in Detroit? Plus, Joe Flacco isn't exactly a road warrior in big games. Let's give credit to the Chargers for beating the Ravens and Flacco...just keep your heads on straight about it.

I watch all the NFL games on big screen TV's each week at my favorite Vegas sportsbooks. I've been doing that since the day satellites made that possible! I can tell you that this year's San Diego team isn't playing at the same high level that those other strong December teams from past seasons were. To get a better sense of where this team is now...let's scoot back to just before that Jacksonville win.

  • San Diego lost badly on the road at Chicago. This week they're playing at Detroit, who's from the same division and just as good (this was back when Cutler was still playing for the Bears). That's not a favorable sign at all. San Diego lost that game 31-20, triggered by three Chargers turnovers.

  • San Diego lost at home in overtime to Denver. How big is that game now?! Tim Tebow couldn't do much of anything all day, but neither could Philip Rivers. And, last week, Tom Brady popped the "Denver has a great defense" bubble with a big day. Rivers couldn't do anything at home against that same Denver defense.

So, this Chargers team may not be quite as hot as you think at the moment in terms of true ability. And, their head coach is a guy who kept winning my "Bonehead of the Week" award back when I was giving those out through the football season!

Maybe the Chargers team you saw dismantle Baltimore at a cheap price is going to do the same thing to Detroit on Saturday. But, you still have a coach who does inexplicable things at inexplicable times...and a quarterback who's prone to make very poor decisions when pressured (think back to the road loss at the Jets for another example).

It's kind of funny. The most hyped games this week ALL have coach/quarterback combo's that have hurt gamblers at various times this season:

NY Jets (Ryan/Sanchez) versus NY Giants (Coughlin/Manning)
San Diego (Turner/Rivers) at Detroit (Schwartz/Stafford)
Philadelphia (Reid/Vick) at Dallas (Garrett/Romo)

Which mistake-prone quarterback playing for a guy that might have won a couple "Bonehead of the Week" awards this year do you want to bet on in the biggest TV games?!

I've made up my mind about Saturday's NFL ticket...and the games I'm betting the biggest myself are available for you right here online for credit card purchase. I'm an action-heavy bettor at the Las Vegas Sportsbooks...only the biggest and best bets go to my clients. If you have any questions about my service, call 1-888-536-8880. Be sure to check on basketball rates. The NBA starts Christmas morning at 9 a.m. Las Vegas time...which means I'll be yelling at the referees by 9:30 a.m. Vegas time!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas Weekend. And, I hope at least once in your life, you'll get to spend either Christmas or New Year's out here in Las Vegas. It's a great place for a sports fan, especially during the bowl bonanza and NFL crunch time.

Wherever you're located during the holidays, make sure you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT with TONY SALINAS!

Merry Christmas!


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