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Tony Salinas: College Temps To Dip Into 40's

The postponement of Wednesday Night's World Series game in St. Louis should have triggered the idea in handicappers to check on what's going to happen this weekend in college and pro football. We're coming up on the final weekend of October…which means we're to the point in the season where game conditions can have very strong influences on who wins, who covers, and whether or not the game goes Over the Vegas total.

If you don't know which websites offer up sports weather, do some research! I'll help you out this time by listing some areas of interest.

All of the following games currently have forecasts for game time temperatures in the 40's, making these the coldest games the teams involved have probably played in this season.

GAME TIME TEMPS IN THE 40'S (in rotation order)
Mississippi State at Kentucky
Alabama-Birmingham at Marshall
Central Michigan at Akron
Ball State at Eastern Michigan
Iowa at Minnesota
Purdue at Michigan
Illinois at Penn State (maybe dropping to the 30's)
West Virginia at Rutgers
Boston College at Maryland
Bowling Green at Kent State
Buffalo at Miami of Ohio
Navy at Notre Dame
South Carolina at Tennessee
Wisconsin at Ohio State (colder in the second half)

Many of those games currently have a small chance for rain too…so be sure you check out the game day forecasts Saturday morning for the latest. You don't want to bet Overs in wet, cold conditions unless you're confident your running game is going to pile up the points for you.

You can see that we're mostly talking about the Northeast and Midwest…with the cooler temperatures extending down to the tip top of the SEC region in Kentucky and Tennessee. Some of the teams involved play slow tempo, smash mouth football in the best of weather conditions. Be sure you're making proper adjustments with your handicapping for the new weather they'll be dealing with.

Here are some other games that may have wind issues

Both Thursday Night games (Virginia at Miami and Rice at Houston)
Wake Forest at North Carolina
NC State at Florida State
Michigan State at Nebraska
Virginia Tech at Duke
Arkansas at Vanderbilt
Tulane at East Carolina
Iowa State at Texas Tech
Memphis at Central Florida
Oklahoma at Kansas State
Baylor at Oklahoma State

Most of the forecasts in these games are in the 10-12 mph range, so we're not talking about things getting too wild. But, pass happy teams who are used to playing in calm conditions often have trouble adjusting to wind games. There are A LOT of those listed above…so be sure you think things through before loading up on any Overs in high scoring games where wind speeds may reduce your big play potential on long passes.

There's usually at least one Saturday a year like that in Big 12 country. Maybe this will be that day this season, and maybe it won't. The forecast is right on the borderline at the moment, so I wanted to make you aware of it.

You longtime readers know I put a lot of weight on weather conditions when handicapping, whether we're talking about baseball, college football, or pro football (the only game this week where it might be cool at kickoff is the Sunday Night game between Dallas and Philadelphia). I'm always surprised at how many Vegas bettors don't make any adjustment at all! I'm glad though. If the line isn't reacting to weather conditions, that means TONY SALINAS is going to be GETTING THE BEST OF IT by taking advantage of edges nobody else is exploiting.

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Hopefully weather won't create too much havoc with the remaining World Series games. We've reached the point where it's going to start mattering in football. You saw some very ugly quarterback performances last week from NFL passers when the weather was great. What's going to happen with those guys in November and December?!

I'll tell you what's going to be happening with me. I'll be GETTING THE BEST OF IT because I know how to handicap weather impact!


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