World Series Pitching Duels

Tony Salinas: World Series Pitching Duels

Many are surprised that the World Series has been so low scoring outside of the Game Three explosion where neither starter was particularly sharp and the game got out of hand. We've seen nothing but pitcher's duels outside of that home run derby…with final scores of 3-2, 2-1, 4-0, and 4-2.

That's four games where:
Texas averaged 3 runs per outing
St. Louis averaged 1.5 runs per outing

Good news if you had the Unders. And, to this point in the series, slightly good news if you were betting Texas. It's been a very tight series, and oddsmakers have done a pretty good job on the team side lines if not the totals. You'd be up a few cents if you bet Texas in every game. You wouldn't be down too much if you bet St. Louis because they won one game as a big dog.

Anything can happen from this point out. The four non-blowouts have been extremely tight most of the way (it was a three-run blast that separated the Rangers in their 4-0 win…take that away and it's a 1-0 win). The weather may even be worse for hitters the second time around in St. Louis. The teams only scored eight combined runs in TWO games when they first played there.

I can't tell you who I'll be betting on with my service here when the series resumes Wednesday and possibly Thursday. I'll be paying close attention to the scheduled home plate umpire obviously. The weather will clearly be helping the pitchers…but the market may finally make some smart adjustments that takes away the value. One big inning can spike an Under on a low total…and both of these offenses are capable of big innings.

The keys to me are:

*Will St. Louis finally get some hits with runners on base? They're having trouble making contact with the Texas flamethrowers to this point. They're drawing walks….but not driving those guys around. Those of us old to remember Nolan Ryan in action have marveled at how similar this Rangers staff is to 'The Ryan Express' in terms of mentality. They'll live with a walk because they're just going to strike the next guy out. The Cardinals have to start making more contact.

*Can somebody besides Albert Pujols drive the offense? The Rangers have taken the bat out of his hands ever since he hit three home runs in Game Three. You know Texas will be careful with him in game situations from this point forward. It's amazing when you think about it…St. Louis scored 0 and 2 runs in the great hitter's park in Arlington once the bat was taken out of Pujols' hands.  

*Will the Rangers start to play nervous now that they're only one game away? There's still a lot of youth on this team…and it takes an extra level of gumption to finish off a job that isn't quite complete yet. All it takes is one nervous pitcher having one bad inning to turn the flow of the series in the other direction, particularly in cold conditions. 

*Will Ron Washington continue to outplay the chess master Tony LaRussa with his in-game decision-making? Even if the Rangers ultimately lose this series, it's clear the whole nation was taking Washington too lightly as a tactician.

My game day releases will be up in the afternoon Wednesday and Thursday (if necessary). Now's a great time to think about seasonal football rates. If you sign up for the rest of football, I'll include the remaining baseball at no additional charge. Note that I'm red hot right now, scoring an outright upset win on Jacksonville over Baltimore this past Monday Night on the heels of a 2-0-1 performance Sunday. Be sure to ask about my college basketball program that's just a few weeks away from getting started too. The number to call is 1-888-536-8880. Remember, all HIGH ROLLER clients get the exact same games I'm betting the biggest myself in Vegas sportsbooks.

Texas and the Unders may be GETTING THE BEST OF IT so far in the World Series. But, there's still time for that to change. It's been a very entertaining series so far…and I hope you've been watching and winning. Be sure you do the same every night this week with college football and at least Wednesday in the bases. If you're not a HIGH ROLLER yet, TONY SALINAS will make you one very soon!

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