Vegas Not In Love With Rex Ryan

Tony Salinas: Vegas Not in Love with Rex Ryan

You could say the bloom has worn off the Rex Ryan rose out here in Las Vegas. His New York Jets opened as a small favorite this week against the San Diego Chargers. And, even though the Jets won and covered Monday Night vs. Miami…the money has been coming in from respected wagerers all week on the visiting side.

This despite the fact that:

*It's a bad body clock game for San Diego, kicking off at 10 a.m. West Coast time at the Meadowlands in New York.

*Chargers coach Norv Turner doesn't have many fans in Vegas because he makes so many bonehead moves.

*Philip Rivers is very turnover prone on the road…and this is a road site that creates a lot of turnovers because of stadium conditions and the recent quality of New York defenses.

*The public likes betting on the Jets because New York teams always get so much hype.

Vegas Wise Guys…instead of waiting for the public to bet on the Jets at -1…jumped right in anyway on the bad body clock team with the mistake-prone quarterback and bonehead coach.

I can't imagine a bigger indictment of Rex Ryan than that.

Why has the bloom come off the rose?

*The Jets are just 2-4 against the spread this year even after the cover against Miami. Everyone in Vegas knows Miami was outmatched in that game because they didn't have a quarterback.

*The Jets came at Oakland got a lot of attention out here because Oakland is a virtual home team in Vegas. New York looked awful in that game.

*The Jets' trip to New England also got a lot of attention because it was the marquee matchup in that second TV window of the day nationally. New York wasn't embarrassed in Foxboro. But, they didn't look like a contender either. San Diego is seen as a contender.

*Vegas pays a lot of attention to media reports about dissension on a team. All the stat stuff is known by everybody. The injury stuff is fairly well reported these days so it's hard to get an edge betting injury information. But, when players aren't getting along behind the scenes, it almost has the same effect as playing with injuries (see the Boston Red Sox collapse in September for a recent example). You can almost deduce that the widespread support for San Diego in Las Vegas means somebody knows something that's even worse than what the media is reporting.

Will I be on the San Diego bandwagon this week? Or, will I be betting that the line move was an overreaction. The great thing about NFL Sundays is that you can pass any game you're not sure about and just focus on the biggest edges. You'll have to sign up for my service to find out if I played that game. But, anyone who buys my Sunday card will be getting the exact same games I'm betting the biggest myself.

Maybe that's San Diego-NY Jets. Maybe I'm making a move in Houston-Tennessee or Atlanta-Detroit. Maybe I'm stepping out on a dog that's going to catch a flat favorite napping (that's my bread and butter on Sundays!). There are a lot of pointspreads Sunday at four points or less, meaning picking the straight up winner is probably going to mean picking the ATS winner too. Days like that are when handicapping expertise means the most!

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I liked betting on Rex Ryan when he first took over the Jets. You regulars know I love having an 'us against the world' mentality going for me on my biggest plays. But, when it's 'us against each other,' then you need to think seriously about going the other way. I think we'll find out in this San Diego game how the rest of the season is going to play out for the Jets.

A loss today, and this team probably won't be able to make the playoffs. Things will REALLY get messy!

But, a win today, and everyone's back on the same page for good. It's just another slow start for a Rex Ryan team followed by a strong finish. The 'us against the world' mentality has taken the Jets to the AFC Championship game the last two years. It can take them further this year if they can channel the intensity properly.

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