Why Detroit-Dallas is So Important

Tony Salinas: Why Detroit-Dallas is So Important

I'm very interested in Sunday's Detroit-Dallas game in the NFL...and it's not just because I grew up in Texas. Both of these teams are part of the league's hype machine (Dallas always, Detroit this season), and I strongly believe that at least one will become overrated by the market very soon.

The Detroit Lions were a popular darkhorse pick entering the season. They've lived up to all the hype so far with a 3-0 start. Now, the wins came over Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Minnesota though. The Lions truly impressed at Tampa Bay. But, the other two teams are a combined 0-6 so far. And, Detroit had rally from way behind to beat the mediocre Vikings in overtime.

It's possible that Detroit is a playoff type team...but will still be overrated because the public and media has fallen too much in love with them. It's hard to believe I'm saying that about a team like the Lions. But, they didn't cover as road favorites last week...and they're a very short underdog on the road in Dallas.

The Dallas Cowboys are America's Team, and will be a big part of TV coverage even in their worst years. They couldn't score a touchdown last week in their close win over Washington. You'd have thought Tony Romo was Alexander the Great conquering the globe the way the ESPN announcers were talking about him at the end of the game. Yes...it was a gutty effort with a rib injury. THEY DIDN'T SCORE A TOUCHDOWN!

Before Romo was hurt he gave away the New York Jets game with a horrible interception. The Cowboys had a bad record with him last year before he got hurt. Just tell the truth people!

That's why today's featured early matchup is so interesting. We have TWO teams who may end up being overhyped and overrated because they're media darlings. If Ndamukong Suh sacks Tony Romo, it's going to be shown on the highlight programs for days. Warrior vs. warrior!

Detroit is getting the best of it right now in terms of line respect. This game opened with Dallas as a field goal favorite...but the line moved all the way down to Dallas -1. That means the biggest bettors think the Lions are going to win this game outright. The misinformed public usually doesn't bet until game day. I'll be watching line moves closely all morning to get a read on who the public is more enamored with. That will tell me much of what I need to know moving forward.

Frankly, the PUBLIC is going to tell me before kickoff which of these two teams is more likely to be overrated. Then, after the game, the WINNER is very likely to get swamped by a wave of too much optimism.

What will the networks do with 4-0 Detroit when they host Chicago on Monday Night Football next week? What will the networks do with 3-1 Dallas who would carry a 75% win rate into a bye week before returning in a big TV game at New England when they're back on the schedule? This is what I'm talking about. These hyped teams are about to become even BIGGER stories than they already are!

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