Bad Steak Makes Manager Resign

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


I was disappointed to hear Sunday morning that the Florida Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez had resigned. Some of you may not have even heard of him. But, the lack of fire his team had been playing with the past few weeks had me A LOT of money in Las Vegas sportsbooks.

You regulars know I'm a proponent of the 'streak theory.' That's the time-proven betting strategy where you bet on a team that's won at least three straight games to keep winning until they lose one. Or, you keep fading any team that's lost at least three straight games until they win one.

Yes, you're guaranteed at least one loss at the end of the streak. But, baseball is a streaky sport. The regular season will often feature very long streaks where good teams just steamroll whoever's in their path…or bad teams who give up hope and keep piling up losses.

Florida was piling up a lot of losses lately. They were 1-16 in June at the time Rodriguez resigned!

For my 'streak theory,' that was two separate streaks:

*Fading Florida went 5-1 after their first three-game losing streak, which had them at 1-8 overall.

*Fading Florida when they started losing AGAIN led to a 6-0 streak that was still active at the time Rodriguez was fired.

So, that's an 11-1 run without doing any handicapping! All you had to do was pay attention to the 'streak' column in the standings and make your Las Vegas bets accordingly.

I'm very excited about the potential for this approach over the rest of 2011. There are many teams like Florida in the sense that they don't really have the talent to compete over the full six months of the season. Eventually, they'll get demoralized, run out of gas, or suffer some injuries that will lead to long losing streaks. I can pick out at least one team in every division that's likely to go through this if they haven't already. Two teams in most divisions. I think Florida players just tuned out their manager earlier than most teams do, so we had this collapse in June rather than July, August, or September.

And, on the other side of the coin, hot streaks happen when teams who are still trying…or who are fighting to make the playoffs…run into the lesser teams that have given up hope. We've seen some teams really pick up the pace lately. Even teams like Washington and Minnesota, who were at the bottom of their divisions when they got hot, have strung together wins. Wait until the MLB powers really start to rev their engines. 

You regulars know I'm an action-heavy player with my personal bets. I have several strategies in play at any given moment based on streaks, umpires, weather, and pitching histories vs. each team. I may play the entire board myself with my own money. But, for my clients, I cull down to find the very best betting options based on win probability and the Vegas number. My customers always get the exact same plays I'm betting THE BIGGEST myself.

Interleague play is a great time to try out the service. Streaks don't care about leagues. Umpires don't care about leagues. The temperature and the wind don't care about leagues. Many handicappers struggle during Interleague because the new matchups completely throw them for a loop. Maybe that's happened to you the past few days. Stop whining and start winning!

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The Florida Marlins sure were taking the worst of it before they changed managers. That's going to happen to at least six or seven more teams this year! Make sure you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT with TONY SALINAS!

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