The MLB Streak Theory

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


One of my favorite betting strategies in all of sports is my 'streak theory' in Major League Baseball. It's very simple, but it's proven the test of time. It's perfect for BASEBALL because all you have to do is pick the winner of each game and not worry about pointspreads.

Here's how it works.

*When a team has won THREE OR MORE games in a row, keep betting them until they lose.

*When a team has lost THREE OR MORE games in a row, keep betting AGAINST them until they win.

The worst that can happen is that you lose that one game when the streak ends. And, ALL streaks come to an end so this isn't any sort of surprise. When a team goes on a long winning or losing streak, which is common in baseball, then every win above that one final loss is pure profit.

If a team wins 10 games in a row, you'll go 6-1 with this strategy You wait until after the third win, then you ride out the streak until it finishes.

If a team goes ice cold and loses 12 games in a row, you'll go 8-1 betting against them until they finally break through and get a victory.

You may be thinking that 10 game streaks and 12 game streaks aren't very common. Well, they don't happen every day. But, they do happen. Streaks even LONGER than that are known to happen. The true power in this approach comes from all the 6-7 game streaks that happen. You go 2-1 or 3-1 on those whenever they occur.

Now, I have to admit we've seen some choppy waters so far through the 2011 season. We've had few breakout teams in either direction. The other day everyone but Houston in the NL Central was piled on top of each other near the .500 mark. That's okay. The White Sox had a 7-game losing streak end a few days ago. Boston started the season with a 6-game losing streak. Baltimore had an 8-game losing streak. We've still seen some good ones pop out even with so much of baseball hovering within a few games of the .500 mark. What's going to happen down the road when the cream rises to the top and the rocks sink to the bottom?


You longtime readers know I use this approach to supplement all the games I'm betting with my knowledge of umpire tendencies, and my intelligent use of the weather forecasts. It makes for a potent combination that Vegas oddsmakers just can't defend against. They won't move their lines too much because they don't want action to get overly imbalanced. That means the Over umpires will keep going Over much more often than not...the games with the wind blowing in will keep going Under much more often than not...and the streaky teams will keep right on streaking no matter what the lines are. There's just no way for Vegas to take away my edge!

My strategies yield a lot of personal plays for me at the Vegas sportsbooks. I don't recommend THIS much action for everyone. It can be hard on your heart if you're not used to it. And, it takes patience to grind out a profit with approaches that GET THE BEST OF IT whether you're talking about sports betting, poker, or blackjack.

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