The Zig Zag Theory

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


You've all probably heard of "the zig zag theory" of NBA playoff handicapping. Well, I INVENTED IT!

I created this approach more than three decades ago. Everybody saw how well it worked and copied it. Except, they just called it the zig zag theory instead of THE TONY SALINAS ZIG ZAG THEORY!

It's bad enough that they don't give me credit. What's worse is that too many handicappers get it WRONG! It's not simply taking the last game's loser to bounce back and cover. The TONY SALINAS ZIG ZAG THEORY goes as follows.

  • Look at the FAVORITE in the first game because they'll be fired up in front of a passionate crowd. You regulars know I don't like betting favorites. I play so many dogs that "passing" a game is almost the same as betting the favorite. I pass a lot of series openers. For the less expensive favorites, if I see a big effort coming, I might lay the points. Too many people think you don't bet at all in the first game and wait to zig zag after that. To truly GET THE BEST OF IT, you want to put that home court energy in your favor at an affordable price.
  • Take the GAME ONE LOSER against the spread in Game Two. Everyone gets this one right. You look for the loser to make adjustments and bring peak intensity with their backs to the wall. You look for the Game One winner to rest on their laurels and lose some intensity. I definitely like underdogs coming off a loss. There's usually one or two upset favorites who are laying points in the bounce back. I'm not a big favorite player, but I'll think about it here.
  • Take the HOME TEAM in Game Three! This is where everyone makes a mistake. They think you're supposed to zig zag all the way through the series with the previous loser. I learned a long, long time ago that the home crowd boost is so big in this third game for the series underdog that you have to put it in your favor. No, the home teams won't go 8-0 ATS in the first round, and 4-0 ATS in the second round. Over time, you'll get the best of it with these teams.
  • Take the GAME THREE LOSER in Game Four. Now, we settle back into investing in the teams that just lost. If the series favorite lost in front of a loud home crowd in Game Three, they'll be much better prepared to handle the challenge here. If the home team lost Game Three, it's now or never. You're getting about 7-5 or 8-5 the best of it with "now" in this situation.
  • Take the PRIOR GAME LOSER from this point forward all the way to the seventh game.

That's how the TONY SALINAS ZIG ZAG THEORY works. I can't say that it wins big every single year. Oddsmakers have adjusted to it some. Imagine how great it worked early on before those adjustments! But, they still can't fully account for the big emotional edges that come into play. If the series underdog is going to win Game Two outright after a loss...where there's just no way to get the line in the right place for that. If the series underdog has a huge outing in their home opener in Game Three, oddsmakers can't defend against that by making them a big favorite. The action wouldn't balance. Let the sportsbooks aim for balanced action, and we'll just worry about taking the right sides.

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I'm one the most famous names in sports handicapping partly because I invented the most successful NBA playoff handicapping theory ever created. Make sure you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT all through the postseason with TONY SALINAS!


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