Ohio State Targeted

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


If you're the number one team in the country, you go from game to game with a target on your back until somebody finally beats you. Duke had to deal with that until Florida State beat them in Tallahassee. Ohio State's been a wanted team in the Big Ten since league play started. Now that they're #1 in the country, it's just going to get worse.

Look at what's happened in Big Ten play this year when teams got their first shot at Ohio State.

*Iowa (+12) only lost 73-68, and actually led at halftime. This is a very bad Iowa team. One that has already lost a rematch to Ohio State 70-48 in Columbus (lucky for the Buckeyes to get the Hawkeyes twice so early!). In their first shot at Ohio State, they had a great run at a big upset.

*Minnesota (+15) only lost 75-72 in Columbus. Minnesota has a decent team this year, even if they're not a threat to win the whole conference. They sure had a great effort in Columbus.

*Michigan (+11) only lost 68-64 as a big home underdog. This game was nip and tuck the whole way. The Wolverines had a near miss here just like they did against Kansas (#2 at the time of the game). Even struggling teams like Michigan, who have no shot at the Big Dance, are capable of getting sky high for teams that have targets on their backs.

*Penn State (+17) only lost 69-66 in Columbus. Can you believe how BAD these Las Vegas lines have been in Ohio Stat games. Oddsmakers are pricing them like they've already won the national championship...and they're just a few points better than whoever they're playing on a given night.

*Illinois (+3) lost this past Saturday 73-68 as a TV home underdog. The Illini could have covered this one. Heck, they could have won it, blowing a 6-point lead in the second half. But, the Buckeyes did manage once again to avoid the upset with poised play late in the game.

Ohio State may need all the poise they can muster Tuesday Night against Purdue, in the long awaited battle between Big 10 powers that will be nationally televised by ESPN. Both Ohio State and Purdue have legitimate Final Four hopes. In fact, Purdue is typically one of the teams with a target on their backs! They almost lost at home to Penn State the other night. The Boilermakers will enjoy being the hunter rather than the hunted in Columbus.

It's very important you handicap college basketball at this point in the season with an eye on those targets. Unheralded teams will play their best games of the year with a chance to score an upset. Good teams will play their best game in years, as Texas did this past Saturday in an 11-point win over Kansas as a 7-point underdog. The public wants to bet the big name favorites. YOU need to look for live dogs who have what it takes to cover against, or even upset a big name opponent. Villanova over Syracuse is another example from this past Saturday of a quality dog getting way too many points. If you want to look at the mid-major level, let's take a look at Butler, who's had a target on their back ever since their big NCAA run last March & April. They gave (-14) to a talented UW-Milwaukee team on Sunday. I released Milwaukee as a best bet play to my clients and they won OUTRIGHT, 86-80. Another big dog from the state of Wisconsin won when UW-Green Bay (+9) beat Valparaiso 63-61. Throw in the fact Wisconsin buried Northwestern 78-46 and it was a pretty good day for this state on Sunday...because I think they won a football game in the mix somewhere too.

Returning to Ohio State, I'm not saying that Purdue will definitely be one of my strongest picks this Tuesday Night. You have to take each night as it comes. And, my customers get the exact same plays I'm betting the BIGGEST myself. If there are three or four games I like better, that's what everyone will get. My point today is that you'll be GETTING THE BEST OF IT by going against overpriced highly ranked teams with targets on their backs whenever they're facing motivated dogs who have something in their arsenal. The lesser dogs probably won't play two great games vs. the powers (you saw that Iowa only had so many arrows in their quiver). They're capable of playing one.

And, the best dogs, like Texas, Villanova, and maybe Purdue, can win outright and jumble the rankings.

I'm very excited about the next six weeks of basketball. Football is mostly off the radar now except for the Super Bowl in two weeks. If you want to make money...if you want to live like a HIGH ROLLER...you need to beat the baskets like a drum. TONY SALINAS has been doing that for decades! I hope you'll sign up for my service here at the website. Or, try out a few days with your credit card. Selections go up a few hours before first tip.

If you have any questions, call the office at 1-888-536-8880.

Let's start the week rolling with Big Monday (including Notre Dame/Pittsburgh and Baylor/Kansas State on ESPN), keep firing Tuesday (with five games in the NBA and a college slate that features Purdue/Ohio State), and win even more on a wild Wednesday schedule that features West Virginia/Louisville, St. John's/Georgetown, North Carolina/Miami, and San Diego State/BYU in a huge Mountain West contest.

Don't be afraid of college basketball. GET THE BEST OF IT with TONY SALINAS!

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