Fading the Public in TV Games

With handicapping legend Tony Salina


You regulars know I like fading the pubic in big TV games. Now that football is winding down (only three games left), the TV networks have loaded the schedule with marquee matchups aimed at getting the public excited about basketball.

If the public is excited about something, they're going to bet on it!

That means I'll be looking to fade the public with my personal Las Vegas bets in the coming days in these games.


  • LA Clippers at Portland on TNT: Maybe you're not hearing this as much if you live on on the East Coast, but California and Nevada are getting Blake Griffin fever. You'd think the Incredible Hulk had put on a basketball jersey given the hype. I'll be watching Clippers games very closely over the next few weeks to see if free points are available because the public wants to bet on Griffin.


  • LA Lakers at Denver on ESPN: Kobe Bryant hates it when other people get more media coverage than him, especially in Los Angeles. You may have noticed that he's picked up his intensity lately. If the public loses site of Kobe, the Lakers might actually become a value team on the road. But, I'm more inclined to believe the public will bet on Kobe whenever he's on TV. He's going to be on TV a lot in the next few weeks because the Lakers are finally getting to a tough part of their schedule.


  • Ohio State at Illinois on CBS: with the Buckeyes taking over the #1 spot from Duke, they now become a team that the public wants to bet on whenever they take the floor. Squares are frontrunners! I'm hoping Illinois, who just beat Michigan State in a big TV game, will be affordable to take on their home floor in this early tip.
  • Villanova at Syracuse on ESPN: I know everyone who watched Syracuse lose to Pittsburgh this past Monday Night will want the Orangemen on the bounce back spot. Hey, that's an application of the zig zag theory that I'll usually endorse. But, it's dicey when a high profile team is a home favorite, because the line will really be stacked against them. Let's not forget that Villanova also lost a big TV game on Monday, and will also be trying to bounce back.
  • Tennessee at Connecticut on CBS: The women's teams won't play each other, but the men will! Tennessee is a feast or famine squad that could easily win this game outright (they own a win over Pitt), or get embarrassed. East Coast money tends to support UCONN in non-conference games like these. Will that set up an Upset Special for me?
  • Texas at Kansas on CBS: These teams only meet once each season, so you know it will be intense. Texas has won for me in surprise spots already, and I've faded Kansas with success because they can't always play to their very high expectations. I'm hoping to get a good price on the Longhorns.
  • Kentucky at South Carolina on ESPN: The Wildcats just lost on the road to Alabama, so we have another big name program in a bounce back spot. That could give us 2-3 free points on the Gamecocks in front of a rabid home crowd.
  • Michigan State at Purdue on ESPN: I've noticed that the road teams have been getting sky high for the "Game Day" college basketball spots ever since ESPN started doing this for hoops. The home team (Purdue in this case) gets blinded by all the attention and spotlights, and they're fans are more worried about mugging for the cameras than cheering. The visitor develops an us-against-them attitude that usually serves Vegas bettors well.

Now, I may or not be playing these games myself depending on the game day Vegas lines. And, I have a lot more personal action bets than I give out to my clients. If you sign up with TONY SALINAS, you get the exact same games I'm betting the biggest myself. Most of you don't have the bankrolls to handle my personal heavy action style. But, betting my top plays will help you build one that big in no time flat!

You can purchase my HIGH ROLLER games here at the website a few hours before the first games tip off every day. I also have seasonal packages available. It's the perfect time to get on board now that football is almost entirely off the schedule. You got used to winning with me in the foots...now you can GET THE BEST OF IT seven days a week! If you have any questions about my service or combination packages, call my office at 1-888-536-8880.

The TV schedule is really going to pick up from now through the end of February. The public won't be able to resist getting involved...which means FREE POINTS for those of us who know how to handicap the lines in addition to the games. Be sure you're on the same teams as TONY SALINAS so you can GET THE BEST OF IT!


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