Wacky Bowl Weather

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


It's easy to get lazy about studying the weather during the college football bowl season. With so many games being played in domes, or in the South...you start to figure that conditions will be ideal, and you won't even have to worry about it.


It's amazing how many games will be played this week in cold, wind, and or rain based on the current forecasts. We almost had a game in San Diego postponed last week because of heavy rains. There's a game schedule for this week on that same field, which may not have recovered yet.

Let me briefly outline the weather challenges from the games scheduled for Wednesday through Saturday.


EAGLE BANK BOWL: Temperatures will probably be in the low 40's (it would have been colder at night), which is colder than what East Carolina and Maryland are used to playing in.

TEXAS AND ALAMO BOWLS: Weather won't be a concern because there's a retractable roof in Houston, and San Antonio plays indoors.


ARMED FORCES BOWL: Temperatures will be fine, but the current forecast is for winds around 15 mph. Wind is often a bigger influence than rain on scoring, particularly when at least one of the teams likes to pass. I'll be watching the forecast very closely since run-based Army is playing pass-based SMU.

PINSTRIPE BOWL: Temperatures should be right near freezing at Yankee Stadium, hardly what you want for a bowl game. Thank goodness the game wasn't scheduled a couple of days ago during the blizzard! How will a dome team like Syracuse adjust to playing in very cold conditions?

MUSIC CITY BOWL: There's a chance of rain...a chance of wind over 10 mph, but at least temperatures will be in the 50's. We've seen worse in Nashville in late December.

HOLIDAY BOWL: Conditions should be great in San Diego because all the rain is out of the forecast. But, we're still talking about a field that may have slick spots after last week.


MEINEKE CAR CAR BOWL: Should be beautiful in Charlotte, with temperatures in the low 50's.

SUN BOWL: Hey, check this out. The forecast is for the high 30's, so Texas heat will be lacking. There's also a good chance for wins around 10 mph. Wind is often a big factor in this bowl. At the very least, we're talking about Notre Dame weather for the Catholics and the Convicts.

LIBERTY BOWL: It's still a few days away, but right now forecasts are calling for rain...potentially severe. High winds could also be a factor. We all know enough about weather reports to take that with a grain of salt a few days out. Just keep an eye on the weather maps for this one. Things could get very interesting in Memphis



TICKET CITY BOWL: A cool morning in Dallas, with temperatures in the low 40's at kickoff, but probably warming up during the game. Wind is currently forecast to be a factor. They've had a long cold snap down in Texas that won't be over until after the weekend. It's Northwestern weather rather than Texas Tech weather, even though the game is in the Lone Star state.

OUTBACK-CAPITAL ONE-GATOR BOWLS: all set for Florida, all currently looking very good for beautiful weather in the 70's.

ROSE  BOWL: Should be ideal, with temperatures in the 50's.

FIESTA BOWL: There's a retractable roof in Arizona, so weather won't be an issue.

Obviously the biggest influences will be Thursday and Friday, though Dallas will be chillier than normal on New Year's.

You regulars know I'm the master of weather handicapping. It makes us a fortune during the baseball season. And, I've been on a very good run with all the weird weather lately in the NFL. The conditions this week have set up very lucrative betting scenarios for HIGH ROLLERS. If you're not one yet, let me show you how to become one!

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