Backup QB's Change the Rules

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


There are many time proven strategies that will beat the NFL over the long haul. They worked in the 1970' the 1980' the 1990's, and all through this first decade of the new century.

Unfortunately, many of those time proven strategies for GETTING THE BEST OF IT involve having your starting quarterback on the field!

*You don't want to shade your action almost exclusively to underdogs if most of the underdogs are using a backup quarterback.

*You don't want to go against big name public teams with a backup quarterback, because the opposing quarterback is likely to be MUCH better than your guy.

*You can still bet Unders in bad weather with backup quarterbacks, but you have to be ready for the possibility that the backup will have a bunch of turnovers that set up easy points for the other team.

Here's a list of teams who will be starting a QB today and Monday who WASN'T their opening day starter. I'll go in rotation order so you can make check marks in your schedule.

Kansas City
Denver (possibly using Tebow)
Green Bay

Now, all of those aren't true backups. Philadelphia is using Michael Vick instead of Kevin Kolb, and that turned out to be an upgrade. Ben Roethlisberger of Pittsburgh was suspended for the first month. Though, I'd have to say that he's played mostly like a backup this season because of rustiness and injuries.

There are some really shaky guys on the field though, particularly for Kansas City, Arizona, Carolina, Washington, Detroit, Denver (possibly), Green Bay, and Minnesota.

Should you trust your hard earned money betting on any of THOSE teams?

Well, I'm not going to show too much of my hand here in a web article. I can tell you that I'm personally very hesitant these days to invest in a backup quarterback unless:

*My team has a great defense
*My team has a great running game
*My team has a smart coach who will keep things simple
*My opponent has reasons to be flat
*My opponent has reasons to play nervous because of playoff pressure

If those elements aren't in play, I'm not betting on a backup quarterback.

Be aware though that I'm not automatically fading a bunch of backups. Oddsmakers tend to stack the number against inexperienced QB's. I understand I have to be very picky on a day like this. On a typical NFL Sunday, I'll personally be playing the board...and throwing in a lot of first half and second half bets. My clients get the exact same games I'm betting THE BIGGEST myself...but very few casual bettors could deal with my personal portfolio. Too much action, too much exposure. My clients get the strongest picks...meaning the right amount of action and hardly any exposure because the plays are so good!

Today, I'm going to treat myself like I'm one of my clients. I will only allow myself to bet the handful of very best options. This isn't a typical NFL weekend. Too many question mark quantities that could muck up time proven strategies if I'm not careful.

The good news is that my BEST PLAYS are ROCK SOLID! I really love Sunday's card, and I'll have something good for you on the side or total in the Monday Night game tomorrow. You can purchase the exact same plays I'm betting biggest myself online with your credit card. Or, call the office at 1-888-536-8880. You've hardly missed any of the bowl sure you ask about that when you call.

Today's NFL action will kick off a monster week for you leading up to Christmas. One of my biggest releases this year goes Sunday. We've got bowls and basketball every weekday. My December Delights are just beginning!

You know...TONY SALINAS never gets injured...and never gets benched. Let a LAS VEGAS LEGEND be your starting quarterback in the NFL to make sure you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT!

'GETTING THE BEST OF IT'is an ongoing series presented by and legendary high roller TONY SALINAS. For more information on TONY'S handicapping packages, call 1-888-536-8880.


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