Final Exam Week In College Hoops

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


If you've looked ahead the next few days at the college basketball schedule, you'll have noticed that there are hardly any games this week. That's because college kids are going through final exams this week to finish off the Fall semester. Starting Saturday, the schedule will really pick up again because it's their holiday break.

I've noticed over the years that Finals Week provides some edges that handicappers can exploit.

*The teams who DO play games often play Unders because the kids are distracted. Exams are still on their minds, or have messed up practice schedules. Crowd sizes shrink too because many of the students who would attend as fans are busy studying or taking exams. The energy level is LOW for midweek action.

*Whenever the energy level is low, you should also look at big underdogs. It's tough for pricey favorites to play great in these conditions, and you have to play great to cover high spreads. I'm usually looking for underdogs and Unders anyway. You can see why this time period on the calendar would have jumped out at me in prior seasons. The fishing is good!

*Once the class schedule clears, and the basketball schedule picks back up again on Saturday, you want to look for Overs because everyone has fresh legs. Some teams will have gone a week without playing a game. Others will have gone through the motions once in a game that didn't excite them. Starting Saturday, and then carrying on through all the holiday tournaments you'll see just before Christmas and just before New Year's, you'll want to invest in a way that takes advantage of the energy. Look for Overs (particularly first half Overs). Back off some of the bigger underdogs because the favorites will be in the mood to play.

I'll have some suggestions for you next week regarding holiday tournaments. There will be plenty of those to talk about. For now, focus on finding the best underdog and Under spots on the light college basketball schedule this week.

If you want action, it's time to get involved with the NBA!

*There's no college football until the bowl start on Saturday.

*There's only one NFL midweek game coming up on Thursday.

*The college schedule is light.


If you've been dragging your feet regarding the NBA, this is the ideal time to jump in. You can really focus on the card because there aren't any other distractions. And, many of the top teams are set for TV appearances on cable.

Monday: Chicago and Indiana are two teams who have been playing very well lately, and making smart handicappers some good money. They'll go head-to-head on the NBA Network.

Wednesday: Defending Eastern Conference champion Boston will visit New York. The Knicks have been on a great cover tear on the road lately. Can they beat Boston in the Big Apple? That's on ESPN, followed by Portland at Dallas. The Mavs are trying to get on the championship radar out West.

Thursday: TNT will have its weekly doubleheader, featuring Atlanta at Boston and San Antonio at Denver in potential playoff previews. See what I mean about getting a look at several top teams?

Friday: We go back to ESPN for Miami at New York (and the first trip LeBron James has made to New York as a member of the Heat) and Phoenix at Dallas.

Then, Saturday's arrived bringing college basketball and three bowl games...and you're back to your regular schedule.

Get caught up with the NBA right NOW during final exam week in the colleges. Then, you'll be able to win in ALL sports when the schedule gets jammed up again.

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