Vegas Stingy with ?Free Points?

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


It's sure not as easy as it used to be when it comes to getting "free points" in the NFL. By that, I mean the points that used to be added to the pointspread whenever hyped teams took the field. There are four extreme examples of that on the card this Sunday.

  • New England has become a huge story once again in the NFL. They won a blowout on Thanksgiving Day over Detroit. Then, this past Monday they obliterated the New York Jets. Remember how high the lines were back in 2007 when the Patriots were playing this well? They'd be laying -17 even -20 or -21 in their home games, and anywhere from 7-10 points on the road before things finally cooled down.

After getting a ton of media coverage before, during, and after their great performance against the Jets, New England is only -3 on the road this week at Chicago. In past years, I would have been looking at the Bears +5, or maybe even +7 in this kind of spot.

  • Philadelphia is getting a lot of ink over in the NFC. In fact, I heard a few TV debates this week about whether Tom Brady or Michael Vick were the true MVP's of the league so far. Those are the marquee quarterbacks on marquee teams. The public usually bets the heck out of hyped quarterbacks. Oddsmakers inflate the line as a result. This week the Eagles are on the road against a non-playoff team. Are they -5, or -7?

No, Philadelphia is just -3 on the road at Dallas.

The two most hyped teams in the league right now can be had for a field goal in national TV games. This is almost unheard of in the history of sports betting!

  • Atlanta is getting whatever NFC hype is left over from the Eagles discussions. The Falcons are 10-2, and in great shape to earn the #1 seed and home field throughout the playoffs. This week, they're on the road against the 1-11 Carolina Panthers who may be trying to lose out so they can earn the #1 draft pick. In past seasons, ANY 10-2 team would be laying about 9-10 points...and maybe as many as 12-14 points on the road vs. any 1-11 team that had been blowout fodder for good teams.

Atlanta isn't -10 this week, or -14. They're only -7 heading into the weekend. Where have all the free points gone!

  • I want to add Green Bay to the list too...because Green Bay is a respected playoff contender that gets to face a 2-10 opponent. Many consider Green Bay and Atlanta to be virtually equal. They played a close game against each other in Atlanta not too long ago. The Packers are only -6 on the road at Detroit.

Oddsmakers have finally wised up it looks like. Or, maybe the betting public isn't as dumb as they used to be. I still believe there are free points on the Sunday card with certain underdogs. They're just not in the marquee TV games, or in those possible Atlanta and Green Bay blowouts. I've adjusted my strategies to stay one step ahead of the oddsmakers and the market. And, frankly, it could turn out that I think Chicago and Dallas are talented enough to spring upsets! What makes me mad is that I would have been getting +5 or more in those games in past years based on the won-lost records of the teams. Now I'm only getting +3. You're still a winner at a 55% win rate. But the free points were allowing 65% in those types of games.

You can purchase my full Sunday slate here at the website in the morning a few hours before the games kick off. My clients and I will be building our bankrolls Saturday with the Army-Navy game and some very strong college and pro basketball. College hoops has had a blockbuster early season schedule this year...and we're really taking advantage because there are still plenty of free points in this sport! You can get the exact same plays I'm betting the biggest myself with your credit card online, or call the office at 1-888-536-8880. I should mention here that one of my biggest basketball releases so far is set for Saturday...and a GAME OF THE YEAR caliber release will go Sunday in the NFL.

Vegas may be getting stingy with the free points in marquee matchups...but this old dog still knows plenty of tricks! I've been making my living as a HIGH ROLLER for decades. If you're not a HIGH ROLLER yet, you'll be one very soon if you start GETTING THE BEST OF IT with TONY SALINAS!

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