I Told You to Watch the Weather!

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


A lot of handicappers like to show up after a game and tell you what happened. I tell you BEFORE THE GAME what's going to happen. Big difference.

My Sunday morning article here at the website alerted you to several cold weather situations across the league, then reminded you how to take advantage. Let's review those games in the order they were presented.

JACKSONVILLE AT TENNESEEE: The Jaguars led 17-0 at the half, staying Under the first half total safely. The final score was 17-6, staying Under the Vegas mark by about three touchdowns. This was a classic cold weather game where neither team could do much in the air (119 and 163 passing yards for the two teams), and a grind-it-up approach on the ground ran clock. Games don't ALWAYS go this way in cold weather. But, you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT by expecting more of this type than any other.

DENVER AT KANSAS CITY: Same story here, as the quarterbacks were awful in the air (86 and 174 yards passing) in a game that was just 10-3 at halftime, and 10-6 after the full 60 minutes. Vegas had a total of 48! The would have had to play THREE GAMES in these conditions to get to 48. So far, we're at 4-0 playing Unders in the first halves and full games.

WASHINGTON AT NY GIANTS: A bunch of turnovers here, with the two teams combining for seven in the cold and breezy conditions. The Giants led 21-0 at the half...which was an Under for most people. The final score was 31-7, staying Under the full game total of 43. This one was closer, and I admit bettors needed a few breaks to get the money here. Breaks tend to favor Unders rather than Overs in cold weather though, because the generally take points off the board.

SAN FRANCISCO AT GREEN BAY: This game broke the mold because Green Bay was able to pass successfully. Aaron Rodgers has played in a lot of cold weather, and was unfazed. He went 21-30-0-274 in the air...and helped drive both the first half and full game Over. You can't win them all. To this point it's 6-2 playing Unders in first halves and full games.

NEW ORLEANS AT CINCINNATI: It's a split here...with a slow starting game limping to 13-6 at the half (easily Under) before exploding with a wild second half that saw both teams move the ball well. The game ended up going Over by a mile. If you were only playing full game Unders to this point, you're still 3-2 for a profit. If you did first halves and full games you're 7-3 for a better percentage and more net winners.

PITTSBURGH AT BALTIMORE: You probably watched this game on NBC. It never had a chance to go Over with these blood rivals going to war against each other in cold temperatures. Baltimore led 7-0 at the half, staying Under by two touchdowns. The final score was 13-10, and Pittsburgh only scored a touchdown because they had a 9-yard drive after a fumble recovery. The game stayed Under by three touchdowns, and one of the touchdowns was a fluke.

Sunday's full game mark for cold weather Unders was 4-2. Playing first half and full game Unders was 9-3.

Now...it's not always going to be that strong. Sometimes scoring ignites anyway. Sometimes punt returns or defensive points help a game go Over. And, based on Sunday's scoring, you can bet oddsmakers will be lowering a lot of cold weather games down to the 35-37 area rather than the 41-43 area. That will take away some of the edge. But, I still believe you'll be GETTING THE BEST OF IT in general by looking and Unders in the cold weather games. And, that will be true in any college bowls that happened to see cool temperatures too.

I'm frankly kind of amazed that the betting markets haven't caught on to this yet. I've been winning with this approach for decades. I've been telling people about it since the web was invented. Yet, days like this past Sunday still happen. I hope most of you were able to take advantage.

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