Playing Great Two Weeks Straight

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


As I was handicapping the college football card, it struck me how many teams were coming off big performances last week.

*Nevada is an 8-point favorite on the road at Louisiana Tech, just a week after an incredible come-from-behind victory over Boise State that rocked the sports world. How do you get up for a trip like that when you just climbed Mt. Everest and stuck your flag at the top?

*Connecticut can win the Big East title with a victory on the road at South Florida as a two-point underdog. They just played a peak game against Cincinnati last week to put themselves in position to take the conference and win a bid to a BCS bowl. Can they do that again, as a Northern team having to play down South?

*West Virginia ran away and hit from Pittsburgh in a huge rivalry game last Friday. That's one of the best rivalries on the East Coast. Will they still be focused and ready as 20-point favorites over Rutgers this week? How do you get up for struggling Rutgers after placing so much priority on Pitt?

*Oklahoma played its best 'big' road game in years when they survived Oklahoma State last Saturday Night. Now they have to come right back a week later against a very physical Nebraska team that would love to embarrass the Big 12 South on its way out of the conference. Can Oklahoma keep things going on both sides of the ball after such an exhausting up tempo game in Stillwater?

*Florida State ended a slump against archrival Florida in a big TV win. This might have been the signature win for Jimbo Fisher's new era at the helm of the Seminoles. Is there enough left in the tank for the ACC Championship game with Virginia Tech this Saturday Night?

Talk about possible letdowns. Those are some of the most dangerous letdown spots I've seen in quite some time. We're not just talking about big wins...or big performances...some of those were HUGE WINS with HISTORIC PERFORMANCES in games that mattered a lot to the kids on the field and their universities.

You regulars know I pay a lot of attention to intangibles when handicapping college football. By this point in the season, the oddsmakers know how good or how bad all the teams are. There aren't many surprises in terms of pure talent (except when a backup skill position player takes the field because of injury). You're not going to beat Vegas with your knowledge of 'tangibles' in the final week of the regular season. You're going to win by recognizing which teams are likely to play better than their normal game, and which are likely to play worse.

I have my eyes on a few situations this weekend where I think the intangibles will be worth as much as 2-3 touchdowns. That's right...teams that will either play over their head or under their head by 14-21 points. We see that all the time late in the season. We even saw it last week with a few of the teams I discussed above. I'm telling you now...BEFORE IT HAPPENS...that my clients and I will be cashing HIGH ROLLER Las Vegas bets in the colleges by very large margins. This will happen on the regular card, and it at least one conference championship matchup.

You can sign up for my full weekend online, or pay as you go on a daily basis. Here's what's on tap the next few days:

FRIDAY: The MAC Championship featuring Miami of Ohio and Northern Illinois, plus a possible BONUS play in Illinois/Fresno State, and a busy night in the NBA.

SATURDAY: My top opinion from CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY and bonus plays from the main board. I've already outlined the 'Game of the Year' type potential on the card. It's also a huge day in basketball, with games like Butler-Duke and Kentucky-North Carolina on the schedule.

SUNDAY: One of my biggest NFL releases this season will go up in the morning. I may have something for you in the big Sunday Night game matching Pittsburgh and Baltimore as well.

MONDAY: It's the showcase game everyone's been waiting for. I'll have the winner in NY Jets/New England for you a few hours before kickoff here at the website.

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It's very tough for college teams to play at a peak level two weeks in a row. I've shown you for DECADES that I can handicap at a very high level EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND through the football season. Start GETTING THE BEST OF IT today with TONY SALINAS!

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