Big Ten/ACC Challenge

With handicapping legend Tony Salinas


There are many reasons for smart handicappers to enjoy the annual Big Ten/ACC challenge in college basketball (which gets started Monday Night with Virginia at Minnesota on ESPN2).

*If you've been paying close attention to the first two weeks of hoops, you can easily find one or two absolutely BLOWN LINES that you can take advantage of with big Las Vegas bets. Vegas oddsmakers are still buried in football. They're not as up to speed on college baskets as they let on.

*The public bets most of these games pretty hard, particularly those matching the best teams. Whenever the public bets, you can usually pick up a free point or two by going the other way. Well, with THESE conferences, it's more like 2-3 points with the highest profile programs.

*Some teams have been on TV enough already that the hype machines are kicking into full gear. Kids often play flat after watching tapes of announcers saying how great they are. Opponents who haven't been on TV yet get sky high to score a big upset too. So, not only are public bettors being influenced by hype, the players themselves are as well. You want to fade teams who have been getting too many pats on the back...and bet on the motivated underdogs who are facing them.

*And, possibly the best part, whoever plays well THIS week on TV will then be overhyped for the rest of December! You may score 10-12 additional winners between now and New Year's just because of what happens on TV as November turns to December.

You know how ESPN announcers tend to go overboard, particularly about the ACC and Big Ten. Dick Vitale has been making me rich for years by overselling the ACC powers. Duke and North Carolina are priced too high on a game-by-game basis because Vitale blows hot air into the numbers!

When Bob Knight retired from coaching, he became an announcer for ESPN. He's not nearly as bad as Vitale, but there are a few Big Ten and Big 12 teams who aren't quite as good as Knight would have you believe (Texas is a good example of this from last season).

So, not only will I be winning this week in college basketball because of bad numbers in high profile TV games, but I'll be fading whoever happens to play well this week knowing that ESPN will put on the hard sell. Either somebody Vitale likes will get overhyped. Or, somebody who upsets whoever Vitale likes will suddenly become pitched as world beaters because they slayed an ACC dragon.

Here's the schedule:

Virginia at #15 Minnesota on ESPN

Georgia Tech at Northwestern on ESPN2
Iowa at Wake Forest on ESPNU
#3 Ohio State at Florida State on ESPN
Michigan at Clemson on ESPN
#25 North Carolina at #19 Illinois on ESPN

Indiana at Boston College on ESPNU
NC State at Wisconsin on ESPN2
#10 Purdue at Virginia Tech on ESPN
Maryland at Penn State on ESPN2
#2 Michigan State at #1 Duke on ESPN

Pay particular attention to Ohio State/Florida State, North Carolina/Illinois, and Michigan State/Duke in terms of future impact on pointspreads.

College football is winding down, which means its time for you to get serious about college basketball. I'm off to a great start already in the baskets...and things will really pick up THIS WEEK with the busy hoops schedule. That will help us build our bankrolls for CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND in college football...and the stretch run in the NFL. Before you know it the bowls and playoffs will be here. Attacking the baskets lets us win SEVEN DAYS A WEEK in ALL SPORTS from now through the Super Bowl and on to MARCH MADNESS.

The distractions of Thanksgiving are behind you. You had your fun. You had your feast. Now it's time to get down to business! You can purchase game day releases or seasonal packages online with your credit card. Try out my hoops through the Big Ten-ACC challenge on a day-by-day basis by logging in a few hours before tipoff. If you have any questions, call the office at 1-888-536-8880.

I've shown you for decades that I know how to GET THE BEST OF IT in college basketball. With all the big name programs on TV this week, it's the perfect time to sign up with HIGH ROLLER TONY SALINAS!

'GETTING THE BEST OF IT' is an ongoing series presented by and legendary high roller TONY SALINAS. For more information on TONY'S handicapping packages, call 1-888-536-8880.


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