Miami Heat Will be Overrated

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Get ready to see a lot of Miami Heat games on TV.

That will start Tuesday Night when Miami visits Boston to start the NBA regular season on TNT. After a non-network game Wednesday in Philadelphia, Miami returns to the airwaves Friday night in their home opener against Orlando on ESPN.

The public usually doesn't get very involved in early season NBA. But, if there was EVER a time where they would, it would be with the 2010-2011.

LeBron James
Dwyane Wade
Chris Bosh

That's two annual MVP candidates...two guys who can carry a team on their shoulders deep into the a third Musketeer who doesn't guard people, doesn't rebound in crunch time, but is still being labeled as a superstar by himself and the media.

The day James announced he was 'taking his talents' to Miami, I got ready to bet against the Heat.

*The media made it sound like this was going to be the greatest team of our era even though the group had only played together with other superstars at the international level.

*Oddsmakers were being quoted immediately suggesting that Miami would be all by themselves at the top of Power Ratings charts...and would make a run at a historic number of straight up victories.

*The public ate it all up. They may hate James because he ditched Cleveland. But, they're not going to bet against him and Wade after hearing that it's the most dominant two-man combination in the history of basketball.

You regulars know me well enough by now to know why I reacted the way I did.

*Media hype inflates Vegas lines, giving you 2-3 free points every time a hyped team takes the court (or field). You're getting 8-5 the best of it or so by taking those free points over time.

*Whenever oddsmakers are part of the hype, that's an even bigger edge. Oddsmakers will stack the line against the public. But, their own errors can give you more points. Let's say the 'right' number is -8...the oddsmaker thinks the 'right' number is -10...and then -12 goes up because of the public. You're getting FOUR free points instead of two.

*I love taking motivated underdogs because you're going to get their best effort. ALL UNDERDOGS WILL BE MOTIVATED AGAINST CLEVELAND! That means dogs will play better than their Power Ratings much of the time. Suddenly that 'real' line of +8 I just talked about turns into a 'real' line of +6 because the dog will play a couple of points over their heads with the added motivation.

*I love going against favorites who are disinterested or tired. Miami is going to be interested at first because they want to show everyone they mean business. But, there's no way they can keep that attitude up for an entire season. Plus, you've already seen James and Wade dealing with injuries in the Preseason. Boy are they going to get banged around this year by rivals. Fading the superpower may become an even better strategy later in the season.

Now, will I be releasing Miami's opponents to my NBA clients every game out? I only back the exact same games I'm betting the BIGGEST myself to my customers. I personally play a very heavy slate because that's my style. Maybe anti-Miami bets will be relative leans that are small Vegas bets for me that don't make the final ticket. Heck, I may even bet Miami if I sense a big effort at an affordable road price. I do expect anti-Miami action to be a part of my mix this week and through November. You'll have to sign up for my service to find out about the games you should really step out on.

You can do that online. Make a few clicks and get my HIGH ROLLER pro hoops package for the season. Or, call the office at 1-888-536-8880 to trying things out for a shorter period. I've created some football/basketball combination packages because I thin it's vital that you're attacking the Vegas board seven days a week right now. If you're a baseball fan, my WORLD SERIES games can be added to any package for a nominal rate.

Don't get me wrong. LeBron James is a great player. Dwyane Wade is a superstar and a true leader. Chris Bosh may end up being very dangerous as a third fiddle because defenses are so worried about the other two. Miami is going to beat people and make a run at history. Vegas is pricing them like they've already made history! They're not going to play like champions every night. They don't need to win huge every night. Vegas is going to make them win huge to cover spreads.

This scenario is ideal for handicappers who know how to GET THE BEST OF IT. That's why you should sign up with TONY SALINAS!

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