America's Team or America's Joke!


This was supposed to be the year that a host city for the Super Bowl saw its local team in the big game. Jerry Jones talked bit in the offseason about that happening. His coaches and players didn't do anything to dissuade him.

Until the games started!

*Dallas opened the season with a 13-7 loss to Washington where they didn't allow an offensive TD, but lost because of the BONEHEAD PLAY OF THE YEAR when they handed away a TD when they should have been running out the clock in the first half.

*Dallas lost the next week to Chicago 27-20, in a loss that looks pretty bad now since Jay Cutler has struggled so much against the Giants and Seahawks. That looks like it's going to be a home loss to a non-playoff team the way things are going. The Cowboys made Cutler look great, and also committed three turnovers.

*Dallas bounced back from its 0-2 start to beat Houston on the road. It's the only good game they played. No turnovers on the day.

*After a bye week, Dallas lost at home to Tennessee 34-27. Despite gaining over 500 yards, Dallas lost because of a 3-0 turnover disadvantage. Once again, turnovers turned what should have been a victory into a defeat. If you throw out the turnover category, Dallas is looking at a 4-0 straight up start and probably 2-2 or 3-1 against the spread. Instead, their season was 'on the line' heading into Minnesota according to media hype.

*And, the season went down the tubes in a 24-21 loss that once again saw Dallas win stats but lose the turnover category.

There are some handicappers that think turnovers are luck. I don't. I think BONEHEAD coaches and quarterbacks make a lot more turnovers than smart ones do with poor play calling and poor execution. Wade Phillips and Tony Romo had big problems two seasons ago in the turnover category, but seemed to fix that last year. Well, it got unfixed! Dallas is now 1-4 straight up and ATS five games into the season, and nobody is thinking of them as a Super Bowl team right now.

America's Team has become America's Joke until they fix their turnover issues. And, part of the joke is on the TV networks that have Dallas scheduled for marquee appearances even though they soon may be out of the playoff picture.

Some of the joke is obviously on the wagering public...who loves to bet on the Cowboys no matter how good or bad they're playing. The Cowboys are one of the most 'public' of NFL teams. You're generally getting 8-5 the best of it by betting against them in Las Vegas. Some years it's better than that. Some're an 80% handicapper just by taking the free points and the free money.

Now, I am aware that the Cowboys can turn things around quickly if they stop making mistakes. They do have the stats of a playoff team. And, the NFC just doesn't have any super teams right now. The best record out there is just 4-2. So, Dallas is only 2.5 games out of first place or a Wildcard with 10-11 games to go for everyone. And, with five divisional games left on the schedule, the Cowboys can easily climb back into the playoff picture.

They just have to stop being America's Joke with all of their BONEHEAD plays!

I definitely have a feeling about how the rest of the season is going to go for this franchise. I'll be looking to take advantage of that with my service selections. Note that a tough stretch of games is coming up for Dallas. They play the NY Giants twice in the next four weeks. Encounters with Green Bay, New Orleans, and Indianapolis show up within the next seven games. Dallas might be 3-9 after 12 games! Or, maybe a turnaround is in store that will lead to a hot pointspread streak against more reasonable Vegas lines in these marquee matchups. Either way, we'll be making money.

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