Texas, OU Nailed by Lookaheads

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I've been telling you this for years. And, we saw two great examples this past Saturday when Texas and Oklahoma both played poorly the week before their annual war at the Cotton Bowl.

  • Texas looked awful in a 34-12 home loss to UCLA. The defense was blown off the line, particularly in the second half. The offense kept committing turnovers. The TV announcers kept saying "We don't think they were looking ahead to Oklahoma, UCLA is just playing great!"

Well, BOTH of those things could be true! Of course UCLA got up for a big TV game against Texas. This was a chance to do something big on national television against a big name power. But...flat teams don't play with fire, and have problems with concentration. Did you see the Texas defense playing with fire? Weren't all the turnovers a sign of poor concentration?

  • Oklahoma didn't impress in a 31-29 victory at Cincinnati. The Sooners were two-touchdown favorites, yet had to sweat an onside kick in the final moments of the game. You watched Cincinnati play badly against NC State and Fresno State. Suddenly they were a few plays away of stunning Oklahoma!

At least the Sooners didn't lose the game outright. But, in my view, they were clearly looking ahead to Texas. Oklahoma is tired of watching Texas get all the BCS respect the past few years. NEXT week is when they can virtually clinch the Big 12 South by beating the Horns. That's why Cincinnati was a big play for me this past Saturday (part of a 4-1 day!).

The announcers love shoveling the nonsense about how "every game is important." Or, "with only 12 games on the schedule, you know these kids come in fired up every week." Yeah, right. We've all watched COUNTLESS games over the years where distracted powers were knocked off or taken to the wire by motivated underdogs. In some years, that's the main storyline every week! How could that happen if favorites didn't suffer from lookaheads? How could that happen if "the kids brought peak intensity every week?"

Now, I don't want to suggest this is a 100% rule that never loses. Florida played great the week before playing Alabama (that was only loser last week). Though, Alabama didn't cover and almost lost outright in its lookahead spot. Stanford was sluggish for a half, but finally settled in and rolled over Notre Dame the week before Oregon. Oregon played a bad first half and couldn't cover at Arizona State.

If you take a dozen possible lookahead spots, betting against the distracted team is going to get you the money seven or eight times (more if you catch some breaks). That's what GETTING THE BEST OF IT is all about. Nobody's going to hit 100%. You only have to hit better than 52.5% to show a profit. Oh, if you listen to TV announcers and believe what they say, you have NO CHANCE to hit 52.5%!

You regulars know that I'm an action-minded bettor who plays much of the board, and that my paying clients get the exact same games I'm betting the BIGGEST myself. This past Saturday, those major releases managed to hit an 80% success rate:

Northern Illinois (+4) beat Minnesota 34-23
Cincinnati (+14) lost to Oklahoma 31-29 (easily covering)
Oregon State/Boise Sate Over 56 won with 61 total points
Tulane (+19.5) lost to Houston 41-22 (a close game until late)
Kentucky (+14) lost to Florida for the only dark spot

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