How Many Games Should You Bet?

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


One of the toughest challenges Las Vegas bettors have to face is finding the "sweet spot"for how many games they should bet on a given day.

The public generally bets too many games...or bets the wrong kinds of games (giving themselves something to root for on TV rather than finding a real edge). There are some bettors though who hurt themselves by not betting ENOUGH games. That's just as bad because it hurts the bottom line. If you should have made a couple hundred dollars in a session, and you only made $50 or $ left money on the table that should be in your pocket.

How many games should YOU bet?

Truthfully, the best way to determine this is to do some dry runs. You don't want to hear that because you want to be in action. Fine. Place Las Vegas bets on your very best picks, but then number your other opinions based on how you feel about them. Rank them from 1-10...1-20...if you're the type to have leans at every number of ride market moves...number them from 1-40. The point is, rank them BEFORE the games start!

I see too many guys on Saturday Nights looking over the final scores say "I really liked them, I should have bet more. I liked that team too, I shouldn't have passed."It's easy, after the games are over to "mis-remember"what you were initially thinking. Everyone turns themselves into 65% bettors with 20/20 hindsight. They count the losses they actually lost, but add in a bunch more winners they "should"have had.

If you number your opinions up front, you get a sense real quick of whether or not you know what you're talking about. How did the top five do? How about the top 10? What about picks 11-20? All of those market leans you threw down, how did they do?

You know what? The answer is going to be different for each one of you.

There are professional wagerers who play the board and make money. You only have to hit 53% to 55% to GET THE BEST OF IT vs. the market...even less if you can shop around for lower juice. The best of the best can hit 54% playing the board. You probably can't. It's your job to find your own sweep spot. Then, use it for the rest of the season...and probably the rest of your life.

Some guys are meant to focus on 2-3 plays per day, and hit those hard. I'm more action-minded. My clients get the exact same games I'm betting the BIGGEST myself. But, I live in Las Vegas. I'm in sportsbooks around the clock. You probably couldn't handle my level of action. Because of the ebb and flow nature of gambling, some weeks I can barely handle my action!

I strongly encourage you to sit down RIGHT NOW and rank your opinions on the Saturday and Sunday cards. Put down EVERYTHING no matter how light the opinion. Just be honest with yourself. I think you'll find:

  • You're not as good as you thought on your best plays
  • You're better than you thought on your leans
  • You're not as good as you thought on the coin flip games down at the very bottom.

This is true for most of you...who should probably settle in with conservative units on 5-7 plays per day. But, anything is possible. You may follow certain teams so closely that you should only be betting games involving those teams...and you should be betting BIGGER than you now do. For others, you're ability to read the market may be so good that a lot of very light bets may actually be what's best for your bottom line. I can't tell you. You have to figure it out for yourself.


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Best of luck with your own games this weekend. Call TONY SALINAS if you want to make sure you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT!


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