College Dogs Smelling Blood

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


I'm seeing several teams right now in college football who have the following things in common:

  • They're big name programs in the sport
  • They've had good recent histories in their conferences and on the national scene
  • They always have targets on their backs because an upset will make big headlines for their opponent
  • They're not playing up to past standards

You get combinations like this...and opposing underdogs start to smell blood! And, smart handicappers like you and me should as well. This is when college underdogs are at their most dangerous. The public loves betting on big name teams. They take forever to accept that a perceived power just isn't as good as they expected. USC from last year and early this year is a great example. Here are 2010 teams that may be following down a USC-type path in terms of pointspread issues.

The Gators offense is still struggling. It's very tough to cover tall spreads when you're offense isn't moving the ball consistently. The Gators are 1-2 ATS, and needed a late score just to get close to a push against Tennessee last week. They're about to play several teams who are better than Tennessee.

Same story here in terms of the offense. Texas and Florida both have great defenses, but their offenses aren't doing enough to cover tall spreads. There are a whole lot of Big 12 teams who HATE Texas for political reasons within the power structure of the league. Things are about to get very interesting for the Longhorns.

The Sooners were much like Southern Cal last year, failing to live up to the public's expectations on a regular basis. Things were supposed to get better this year. They did in a blowout of Florida State. But, close wins over Utah State and Air Force were embarrassing for the program. This team is still a bully that's turned vulnerable.

The Hawkeyes were a popular darkhorse pick this year in the Big Ten and in the rankings. They've had a recent history of September struggles, and didn't look very good this past Saturday Night in a loss to Arizona. I look for a few Big Ten opponents to give Iowa a thrill in the coming weeks.

People who weren't picking Iowa as a darkhorse in the Big Ten were picking Wisconsin. The Badgers barely got by Arizona State last week, and didn't impress in a big non-cover vs. lowly San Jose State the week before.

I might have had Virginia Tech on the list before the season an ACC power getting a lot of hype. They've already taken TWO arrows to the targets on their back nobody's going to catch the Hokies napping now.

Earlier this decade we had a few seasons where many of the big name programs kept getting knocked off. Somehow Missouri and Kansas played a #1 vs. #2 game. Maybe that could happen again this year, particularly if Alabama or Ohio State gets surprised. Those programs aren't showing the same kind of vulnerability that Florida and Texas are showing, but you just never know.

You should have learned by now as a reader of my web articles that underdogs get up for the superpowers...and motivated underdogs can be a gold mine if you pick your spots right.

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I think several big name programs are going to be taking the worst of it over the next two months, particularly in terms of pointspread performance. Sign up with TONY SALINAS to make sure you're GETTING THE BEST OF IT!



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