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Usually when I'm talking about 'public' teams in college football, I'm referring to major programs that have been in the limelight a long time. Notre Dame is the most famous public team in the sport. That goes back decades. Ohio State and USC qualify as well. Texas and Oklahoma down in the Big 12.

Here are the typical characteristics of a 'public' team in the colleges:

*A traditional power
*On TV all the time
*Known for winning blowouts
*Loved by the pundits
*Their stars win Heisman trophies

It's a relatively short list in terms of the 120 teams on the board. But, there are enough out there to give us the chance to GET THE BEST OF IT by fading them at inflated prices.

What I want you to realize at this particular time is that BOISE STATE has become a public team. They're not in the SEC or the Big 10. They don't have Hollywood stars standing on their sidelines. They're not sending a lot of players to the NFL. But,

*They've become a regular in the rankings for many years now
*They've worked with ESPN to be on TV all the time
*They have a history of running up the score when they can
*The media has taken up a crusade to get them more respect in the polls
*Their QB is getting some run in Heisman discussions this year

The public wants to bet on Boise State. I've seen this in recent years in both their big TV games vs. non-conference opponents, and in the weeknight games in league play where they're laying big numbers. This isn't a Cinderella story any more. The Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma was after the 2006 season. This is 2010.

This is important to know as you make your decision Monday Night about who to bet in the Virginia Tech/Boise State game. And, if Boise State should win that one and make early headlines in the BCS race, then they're going to be even MORE of a public team. Boise State will be huge favorites every time they take the field...particularly in conference play.

It may not matter much at first. The public isn't as active over Labor Day Weekend as they are later on (though you'd think they'd come out to bet a big Monday Night TV game!). And, fading Boise State in one of the two or three regular season games they need to really get up for isn't necessarily a profitable approach. They won and covered against Oregon last year in their first game of the season. They won and covered in their bowl game with TCU. Over the course of the season though, any sort of surging public bandwagon effect on the Broncos is going to move the line to unsustainable levels. You need to be ready to act when it does.

I told you before the season started to make a list of public teams in both the colleges and the pro's. Now that you have a big college Saturday to review, tweak your list based on the results and media coverage of those results. And, keep doing that all the way through the Labor Day results. The winner of Monday's big game is going to get a lot of respect in the line through September no matter who it is.

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Don't ever lose sight of the fact that it's YOU AGAINST THE PUBLIC in college and pro football. Betting against the dumb money makes you the smart money. That's how you GET THE BEST OF IT in Las Vegas!

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