Look for Week One Lookaheads

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


The general public often makes the mistake of assuming all college coaches and players are at maximum intensity in their regular season openers.

For the most part, this is probably true. But, there are several key spots on the schedule every season where it's NOT true. You're going to take the worst of it by betting the wrong teams in these spots. You'll GET THE BEST OF IT by fading the right teams at the right times.

Believe it or not, it is possible for a bunch of excitable young college kids to look past their season openers to Week Two. It's not just possible, it's common for the many teams who are playing high profile national contests in Week Two, particularly if Week One is just a glorified scrimmage against an opponent the players have never heard of.

Let's say you're playing Alabama, or Southern Cal, or Ohio State in Week Two. Are you going to be sky high for the eighth best team in the Sun Belt or the 10th best team in the WAC? No, you'll be thinking ahead to the huge showdown that's probably going to be regionally or nationally televised.

What if you're Alabama, Southern Cal, or one of the other powers...and you just have a tune-up this week before a huge matchup on Saturday, September 11th. Are you more motivated to win this week by 48 points against a very high spread? Or, are you going to take care of business quickly and efficiently this week (with a final result that might be smaller than the Vegas spread), then bring 100% intensity in the big game?

How about this? Let's say you're in a conference that likes to spread out its league games through the season rather than sticking them all in October and November. You play a cupcake you've never heard of this week...but face a longtime conference rival in Week Two. Which game matters more to you? Which game will generate peak intensity?

You've probably noticed there aren't a lot of truly great matchups this weekend in terms of TV appeal. There are a few that will have the public excited. And, everyone will be watching Boise State/Virginia Tech on Monday Night. Have you looked ahead to the following week yet? There are BIG games, and CONFERENCE games all over the card!

Michigan at Notre Dame
Miami-Fla at Ohio State
Penn State at Alabama
Florida State at Oklahoma
South Florida at Florida
Oregon at Tennessee
Iowa State at Iowa (Rivalry)

Auburn at Mississippi State (Thursday Night)
UTEP at Houston (Friday Night)
Georgia at South Carolina
LSU at Vanderbilt
Stanford at UCLA
BYU at Air Force
UNLV at Utah
Duke at Wake Forest
Memphis at East Carolina
C. Michigan at Temple
Toledo at Ohio
Eastern Michigan at Miami of Ohio
Arkansas State at Louisiana Lafayette

Now, not every team listed is going to provide an opportunity this week. Some are playing non-board games. Some have reasonable challenges two weeks in a row. It's YOUR job as handicappers to go through the schedules and find the most likely look-ahead spots this week. My list, and your handy schedule are all the tools you need. Get to work!

Or, take the thinking out of the process by signing up with the most highly regarded HIGH ROLLER in Las Vegas, TONY SALINAS. You can always purchase the exact same games I'm betting the biggest myself on game day. Longer packages are available online as well. If you'd like more information on what's available, call the office at 1-888-536-8880.

This week:

  • I'll be backing teams who are at peak intensity.
  • I'll be fading teams who aren't.
  • I'll be backing veteran teams with some quality who have been underrated by the public.
  • I'll be fading overpriced public teams who have been getting too much media hype this summer.

When the stars align in the same game, I'll be stepping out for a major release that's going to make headlines. Maybe you can find it on your own. DEFINITELY YOU'LL WIN IT IF YOU SIGN UP WITH TONY SALINAS!


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