Did All 32 NFL Teams Get Better?

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I've been watching as many NFL Preseason games as possible here on the big screen TV's in Las Vegas sportsbooks. I've been checking out the daily NFL coverage from ESPN, and reading various websites on the internet.

Based on what I've been seeing, hearing, and reading, apparently NOBODY GOT WORSE in the offseason!

That's right, all 32 teams in the NFL just got better. It doesn't matter who they drafted, who they traded, who they hired as head coach, everyone got better. We might have as many as 20-24 teams make the playoffs this year!

Here, I can go division-by-division and show you it's true:

AFC EAST: The Jets are the new team to beat in the AFC because of head coach Rex Ryan and improving young QB Mark Sanchez. New England's going to be something special because Tom Brady has 'that look in his eye' again. Miami was a playoff team two years ago, and just had bad schedule luck last year. Buffalo changed coaches, which made them better right away.

AFC NORTH: Cincinnati won the division last year, then added Terrell Owens to the roster. Baltimore had bad luck in close games last year, and has a young QB who continues to improve. Pittsburgh is in a bounce-back year after their Super Bowl letdown. And the players have rallied around Ben Roethlisberger after his offseason troubles. Cleveland now has a general manager who knows what he's doing, and a quarterback who can complete passes.

AFC SOUTH: Indianapolis may not have gotten better...how can you improve after almost going undefeated through the season? They didn't get any worse, because Peyton Manning is a god. Tennessee finally has confidence in Vince Young at quarterback, and is also in a bounce back year. Houston knows it's now or never for this coaching regime, and the players have a do-or-die intensity. Jacksonville has weeded out the bad apples, and can now concentrate on winning football games again.

AFC WEST: San Diego was great last year without a running game and with a soft defense. They fixed those problems in the offseason. Denver has had a year to adjust to their new head coach. Kyle Orton has looked sharp in the Preseason. Kansas City has upgraded at several positions, and is a true darkhorse to win the division this year. Oakland finally got rid of their joke of a quarterback. That right here was worth 2-3 wins.

Do I need to go on? Do you really need me to run through the whole NFC? Philadelphia and Washington both got better from the Donovan McNabb trade. Chicago will fix their offense with Mike Martz as the offensive coordinator. Atlanta is ready to bounce back and make the playoffs again. San Francisco's got the pieces in place to finally take over the division.


I don't have much patience for hype to begin with, and I had to start tuning out the pundits several days ago. I'm happy to know the general public is eating this stuff up though. It will make for easier lines to beat this week during the dress rehearsals, and once the regular season starts in September.

Look...a few teams really did get better. All 32? No way. Maybe eight of the 32. How many got worse? The media is so intent on 'selling' you pro football that they don't want to acknowledge any. Don't dwell on the negatives. We've got a game we want you to watch!

Winning handicappers dwell on the negatives, and exploit an ignorant public that expects great performances when they're just not going to happen. Keep that in mind as you watch all the TV games this weekend. Frankly, if you want to start the 2010 season out well, you should watch with the volume down!



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