Week Two Ideal for Handicappers

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


I'm off to a great start so far in the NFL Preseason, and I'm very optimistic about that success continuing this weekend.


Because the second week of exhibition action is ideal for handicappers who know how to dig for the right information. Specifically, I'm talking about finding out how long each team is going to play its starters...and its second team.

In Week One, most everyone plays their starters for a limited time, though we did have a bit more variation than normal in that regard last week. In Week Three, it's dress rehearsal time for most everyone...and the starters get at least a half. Sometimes three quarters.

In Week Two, you get the most variance. Some head coaches just consider it another Week One, and the starters just get a taste of action before sitting down to avoid bad luck injuries. Other head coaches want to see production, and will leave their starters in for much of the first half. In a few cases, the coaches expect to see production from the first and second teams...and you get 'starter' production on the scoreboard for three full quarters.

Now, combine THAT with what a good handicappers should already know about coaching attitudes about prioritizing wins (or not), and the caliber of the guys who will be on the field in the fourth quarter...and you can see the lucrative potential. Talk about GETTING THE BEST OF IT! You'll have starters on the field against backups in multiple locales!

Because it's still Preseason, Vegas is putting very tentative prices on these games. Home teams are cheap favorites, rarely much more than a field goal if that much. Step up and take your shots. I can assure you I'm going to step up and take some shots!

If you don't have a sense yet of how this weekend is going to play out, you still have time to do some research. Check the online newspapers of all the NFL cities to see what the coaches are saying about their planned rotations. Visit the fan forums to say what people attending camp scrimmages or practices are saying. In the old days (and I was winning back then too!), you needed contacts in all the cities to keep you posted. Now, ANYBODY can sit at their desk for a few hours and learn what they need on the web.


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