Handicapping Quarters and Halfs in Preseason

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


The unique nature of NFL Preseason football allows smart handicappers the chance to earn additional profits by betting first quarter and first half lines.

I've strongly encouraged you to pursue this in all sports over the years. If you can find a store that offers these in August, you should be attacking them very aggressively.

In the cases of quarters and halves, you're not really betting against the public. Fading the public is always a great strategy. They don't bet many quarters and halves! With these, you're putting your own knowledge of how football games are played up against the knowledge of Vegas or offshore oddsmakers. That may sound intimidating, because those guys aren't fools. They do make plenty of mistakes though, particularly when it comes to quarter betting, first half betting, and second half betting.

As football fans, you know that certain styles of play or coaching can lead to games being "frontloaded" or "backloaded." Oddsmakers simply can't adjust the numbers to account for these extremes. Some examples:

  • Coaches who are most concerned with how their first team offense will perform this year will emphasize early scoring. You may get 1-2 touchdowns early on with these teams, then nothing after that. Betting Overs in the first quarter and first half will be very profitable. It doesn't matter if the full games are going Under. You can take advantage of these early scoring tendencies.  Oh, I expect to see a few 14-point first quarters this week because BOTH teams in the game will be trying to make sure their first team finds the end zone before coming out.
  • Coaches who are proud of their defenses and want to make sure they intimidate everyone will see low scoring starts to their games. The defenses are in regular season mode. They're blitzing. They're hitting hard. These guys are sending a message. I saw a few high profile defenses play this way last week in the openers. It's going to continue deeper into the games this week because starters will play longer. Bet Unders in first quarters and first halves with these teams.
  • Teams with quarterback wars for the final backup roster spots will see high scoring SECOND halves. It will be garbage time points galore in these scenarios, because motivated quarterbacks will be facing inferior defenses. You'll want to bet second half Overs with these teams.
  • Teams who have fully established their backup rotation will play dead second halves. Nobody has anything to prove. Everyone wants to get the game over with and stay healthy. Bet Unders in the second half with teams like this.

Of course, these are just general guidelines. You can use your knowledge of the matchups to take team sides too. Take "quarterback war" teams in the second half against opponents who have established their rotations. You might win by as many as 2-3 touchdowns against Vegas lines that are a field goal or less. If a high energy offense is matched up against an opponent that doesn't care about the preseason, you can take them in the first quarter, first half, and the full game because the edges will show up right away. GET THE BEST OF IT WHENEVER AND HOWEVER YOU CAN!

I'll talk more about this once the regular season arrives. Then you're talking more about coaching styles or team styles rather than what's happening with the backups. Your ability to exploit Preseason tendencies comes and goes very quickly each year. Take advantage while the money is sitting there on the table waiting for you to pick it up!

I don't release quarter and half bets to my clients as of yet. That's why I offer strategies for them here in my web articles. I'm hoping more of you will be interested in these down the road. Maybe, as you win with them yourself, you'll open your eyes more to the potent potential here. Of course, my normal full game package is pretty darn potent already! That's why I've been a HIGH ROLLER for decades here in Las Vegas. You can win along with me by purchasing my personal service online. The exact same games I'm betting the biggest myself in ALL sports are always available a few hours before start time right here at the website. Have your credit card handy and make a few clicks.

If you'd like more information about the available offerings, call me in the office at 1-888-536-8880. There are many ways to GET THE BEST OF IT. And, TONY SALINAS will help you find all of them!


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