Do You Remember Last Year's HOF?

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


Everybody is chomping at the bit to bet the NFL Hall of Fame Game this Sunday. But, they don't even remember whether or not they won their bet last year...or the year before!

Do you even remember who played in last year's game? Could you tell me who won it? How about who won the first half, before the other side rallied in the second half? Did the game go Over or Under?

People get so excited about football returning that they lose site of how irrelevant this Sunday's game is going to be in a few weeks. Sure, you want to win it. I myself have a side or total I like this Sunday in the Dallas/Cincinnati game that I'll be passing along to my clients (maybe both the side AND the total!). I'm not just betting it because I missed football. I'm not overbetting it because I missed football. I'm keeping things in perspective.

Have you come up with last year's HOF winner yet?

It was Tennessee. They beat Buffalo 21-18 in a game that ended up pushing because the Titans were 3-point favorites. Tennessee jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter. Buffalo scored 9 points in the fourth quarter on an interception return...then a safety on the final play of the game to vulture a tie. Yes, NOW you remember that safety as time ran out! How could you forget THAT play?

Two years ago, Washington beat Indianapolis 30-16...thanks to a 14-0 pullaway in the fourth quarter. Both games went Over the Vegas totals. Don't think that means Overs are automatic. Three years ago, Pittsburgh beat New Orleans 20-7 in a yawner.

Admit excited as you were that football was returning each of those past summers, you have very limited memories about the Hall of Fame games. They're just not on the radar anymore. Pittsburgh, New Orleans, and Indianapolis all have Super Bowl appearances since those games. That's what you remember.

If the public is going overboard, you need to keep a level head. If the public is loading up on a favorite, you need to think about the underdog. If the public is piling on a playoff team from last year, you need to think about the opponent who would love to send a message with a big win over a playoff team.

I've been GETTING THE BEST OF IT in Las Vegas for decades because I take advantage of what the public is giving me in the line. I take the free points when offered. I take the ugly teams when nobody wants to touch them with a 10-foot pole. I find the teams who are going to take a step forward THIS year when everyone's still talking about last year. I read coach's comments very carefully in internet newspaper reports so I can know which teams are going to be playing to win in the fourth quarter (in some games that's NEITHER team!). I study the quarterback rotations to make sure I have a hungry player trying to earn a job on the field in the fourth quarter.

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