Vikings Fine Without Favre

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


Once again the media is going overboard. They should just create a Brett Favre Network so those who care can watch him eat, drink, and sleep 24 hours a day.

The news was all over the place Tuesday that Brett Favre was likely to retire. Now, this is a guy WHO RETIRED TWICE and came back to play anyway. So, if he was at a podium, crying his eyes out, hugging his family, and telling everyone that this was absolutely, positively the end of his'd still have to wait 5-6 weeks to make sure he really meant it.

The most important angle for me as a sports handicapper and bettor in Las Vegas is to figure out how the public is going to react to Favre's retirement if he really does hang up the cleats. That's not particularly hard.


Well, everyone but me. You heard all the talk on TV Tuesday. Can Tavaris Jackson take them as far as Favre did last year. What about Sage Rosenfels? Isn't he a better fit than the erratic Jackson? Those guys aren't top flight quarterbacks. How are the Vikings going to win?

Here's how:

  • They have a great DEFENSE! Minnesota ranked sixth in the NFL last year on the defensive side of the ball, and NUMBER ONE IN THE NFC! If you have the best defense in your conference, you're unlikely to fall off the map just because your quarterback is average. The Jets had the best defense in the AFC last year and reached the conference championship game with a rookie. Baltimore and Atlanta made the playoffs two years ago with a rookie. If you have a great defense, you're still in the game folks.
  • They have ADRIAN PETERSON! Yes, a superstar running back is still in the backfield, still a threat to break lose for a big play at a moment's notice. Peterson led the NFL last year with 18 touchdowns.
  • They're sick and tired of listening to people give all the credit last year to Brett Favre! Sure he had a terrific season. He was amazing for a player of his age. The Vikings were far from a one man team. There are even coaches on this staff who resent the credit Favre was getting last season. Whatever Minnesota did right last year was somehow traced in the media back to Favre. Didn't anyone remember that the Vikings made the playoffs the year before too?

I say this all the time. Don't tell a team they have no chance to win, because they'll do everything they can to prove you wrong. The media was suggesting Minnesota had no championship hopes without Favre. WRONG! Minnesota may or may not take a step back this year. I'm expecting peak intensity from a team that's tired of getting disrespected, and a new quarterback who has something to prove.

Don't knock Minnesota down in your Power Ratings. Don't start penciling in losses where you had been penciling in wins. If the media hype keeps up like this for the next month, which is very likely given the wall to wall coverage of the NFL these days, Minnesota is very likely to be a value team in September, and maybe all season long.

Do the opposite of what the public does. If the public thinks the Vikings have "no chance," then you need to step in and take those free points with the motivated team that's ready to shut the world up.

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