Streak Theory Highlighting 9-4 Run

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I've been telling you for years about the value of the STREAK theory. My recent 9-4 streak in Major League Baseball is just the most recent example of what you can do by riding the hot teams and fading the cold ones.

  • THREE of my victories during that stretch were on red hot Minnesota, as they embarrassed Baltimore 10-4, rocked Kansas City 11-2, then beat the Royals again 6-4. The Twinkies were a quality team that needed to win in the tight AL Central race...yet they were laying very affordable prices to bad teams who had nothing to play for. Minnesota was -125, -150, and -140 in games that they would go on to win by a combined 27-10 margin. Easy money!
  • THREE of my victories came from fading slumping Colorado. The Rockies completely lost their mojo lately, falling almost all of the way out of the NL West race. I won with Philadelphia Sunday and Monday, then nailed a big +210 return with Pittsburgh on Tuesday Night. That's the same as hitting FOUR winners instead of three! And, remember, Colorado was being priced like a playoff contender rather than a slumping team that had lost its confidence because oddsmakers look at the full season records rather than what's happening NOW!

I'm very happy about the 9-4 run. If anything, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't attack more streaks. I try to focus my action for clients on the games I'm betting the biggest myself. A few streaks involving other teams kept going strong in addition to those of Minnesota and Colorado. I told you earlier in the week this is a great time of year to play streaks. I hope you listened!

And...I hope you're listening NOW. This is going to continue!

We still have pennant races in well as Wildcard races. Those who want to reach the playoffs have kicked things up a notch, while the chokers have felt their collars tightening.

We still have several mediocre teams (and worse) who look like they're just going through the motions. The hitters walk to the plate with their heads down...take their cuts...walk back to the dugouts with their heads down...then cash their paychecks at the end of the week. As a baseball fan, I hate to see that. As a legal baseball bettor, I LOVE IT!

Vegas oddsmakers spend too much time focusing on the Yankees and Red Sox to notice what's happening with everyone else. There are good teams that aren't on ESPN every night. There are bad teams at the bottom of the schedule that are playing much worse than their Power Ratings. The TONY SALINAS STREAK THEORY helps you take advantage of that without taking the worst of it on the moneylines. You've seen how cheap some of these moneylines have been in blowout games. TALK ABOUT GETTING THE BEST OF IT!

We still have two months left during this history making season of TONY SALINAS BASEBALL. Call 1-888-536-8880 to sign up. You can also purchase the games I'm betting the biggest myself right here at the website with your credit card. Be sure to check on football when you call. We're now just a week away from the Hall of Fame Game and the start of the NFL Preseason. My full exhibition slate costs just $99 if you pay this weekend.

There shouldn't be a single one of you reading my articles this year who's losing their own bets. If you still can't get over the hump, sign up today and start GETTING THE BEST OF IT!

'GETTING THE BEST OF IT' is an ongoing series presented by and legendary high roller TONY SALINAS. For more information on TONY'S handicapping packages, call 1-888-536-8880.


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