Bengals Becoming A Public Team?

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When ESPN announced the other day that Terrell Owens had reached an agreement to sign with the Cincinnati Bengals, the Bengals immediately became a "public" team that you should consider betting against this season to GET THE BEST OF IT.

This exact same thing happened to Buffalo last year when they signed T.O. Remember all the talk about how T.O. was going to open up the boring Buffalo offense and make the Bills a threat to do some damage in the AFC East? Buffalo fans were ecstatic that he was arriving...then they were ecstatic that he was leaving at the end of the season. What a flop!

Buffalo actually started out well last year, with two good performances that got the wagering public excited:

Buffalo (+13) lost to New England 25-24
Buffalo (-4) beat Tampa Bay 33-20

That's right, the Bills almost upset the Patriots as two-touchdown underdogs. Then, they coasted past a respected Bucs team that turned out to be much worse than people had expected. The public thought they were going to get rich. Buffalo and T.O. had covered their first two games by more than a TD. They played toe-to-toe with everyone's Super Bowl choice (another team that turned out to be worse than expected). Buffalo was going to be the MONEY team of 2009!

Here's what happened the next three games:

Buffalo (+5) lost to New Orleans 27-7
Buffalo (+1) lost at Miami 38-10
Buffalo (-6) lost to Cleveland 6-3

Boy did that sports car run into a brick wall right away. Buffalo was outscored the next three weeks by a total score of 71-20, even though the pointspreads added up to pick-em. They couldn't hang with New Orleans at home. People thought they were about even with Miami, but lost by four touchdowns. In what should have been a motivated bounce back effort...the Bills lost at home to the lowly Browns.

The bloom was off the rose. Nobody believed in the Bills any more. They weren't a public team after bettors took a bath on them (particularly as a home dog vs. New Orleans, and a motivated home favorite vs. Cleveland). In fact, Buffalo would only be favored two more times all season. Late in the year they were laying points to horrible Kansas City. In the season finale, they were favored to beat the Indianapolis backups after the Colts announced the starters wouldn't play much.

How quickly people forget!

I'm already hearing buzz in the sportsbooks about how Cincinnati's offense is going to be tough to stop this year. They made the playoffs in 2009. Now they have Ochocinco AND Terrell Owens. Bet the Bengals. Bet the Over. Bet Over their Regular Season Wins!

As I've made very clear to you over the years in these web articles, whenever the public is buzzing about something, you're likely to GET THE BEST OF IT by betting the other way. The public loses. That's why Las Vegas exists. Maybe Cincinnati will have a few good early outings the way Buffalo did last year. But, they will eventually find out they can't meet inflated expectations. There's also a chance the team will flop right out of the gate. Many underpaid Bengals players can't be happy that an over-the-hill receiver who was useless last year was given so much money.

I'll be watching the Preseason dress rehearsal game very closely, as well as the season openers with New England and Baltimore. That's a brutal way to start a campaign. And, now their opponents have extra reasons to bring peak motivation.

Thank you Cincinnati for trying to make a splash. Thank you ESPN for tricking the wagering public into thinking something huge just happened!

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