A Great Time for MLB Streaks

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


I watched a lot of baseball games this past weekend. And, I saw what I was hoping to see in terms of my time proven 'Streak Strategy' for Major League baseball.

*I saw bad teams just going through the motions, even though we still have more than two months to go in the season. Bad teams who don't care are prone to have long losing streaks in the dog days of summer. These are dogs you DON'T want to bet on! I can tell you now that there are least five bad teams in the Majors who are going to have long losing streaks in the next few weeks. Their body language was that obvious.

*I saw playoff contenders in the act of choking. They were playing with fear rather than aggression. You've already seen some teams that were talking big at the All-Star Break fall flat on their face. Once things start going downhill, losing streaks become very common. Teams don't just drift out of a pennant race. Some fall off a mountain! The pitching falls apart. The hitters lose their confidence. And, if a game happens to be close in the final innings anyway, the bullpen will come in and blow it.

*I saw some playoff contenders playing with added purpose. They know that NOW is the time they can put some distance between themselves and other contenders. This is what champions do. They don't sit on their butts until September then start playing hard. They come out of the All-Star Break breathing fire. These teams are destined for winning streaks in the coming days. Again, up to five teams in the Majors showed me this past weekend that they're likely to have a long winning streak (or two, or three) in the coming weeks. The starting rotation is in synch. Hitters are pounding the ball. The bullpen is slamming the door shut.

I couldn't be happier. We have multiple teams in each of the situations I listed above. And, we have more than two months to take advantage of this dynamic. That's going to mean a lot of money for me and my clients as we GET THE BEST OF IT through the rest of baseball season.


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