Beware of 'Game's Best Pitchers'

Handicapping Tips From Legendary High Roller TONY SALINAS!


A few weeks ago everyone was talking about how Ubaldo Jiminez was the best pitcher in baseball. He was making a run at Bob Gibson's historic season. I saw betting props where you could bet whether or not his ERA would finish the year below 2.00. Three bad starts later his ERA had flown over 2.00...and now he has to turn into Bob Gibson just to have a shot to get back below the magic number.

After the All-Star Game, the 'game's best pitcher' label was being pinned on Josh Johnson of Florida. He's been dominant this year to be sure. I'm not saying these guys aren't great pitchers. I do think you need to be careful backing them right at the peak of their hype though. What goes up must come down.

Remember these rules. I've said them before, and I'll say them again.

NOBODY is as great as their best games. NOBODY is as bad as their worst games.

If you're asking a team, or a pitcher to have his best game for you (which is what it will often take to justify high football or basketball spreads, or high moneylines in baseball), then you're surely taking the worst of it. You're not getting value. Even if the team or pitcher does go on to win, that was just you dodging a bullet rather than making a smart bet.

Whenever a pitcher is getting national media hype for great performance, you can assume:

*He's been performing 'over his head' for awhile.

*He's now got a big target on his back that will motivate opponents to bring peak intensity against him.

*He'll be putting pressure on himself to live up to the new expectations, and very few athletes are capable of living up to self-imposed pressure like that.

What happens next is easily predicted. He 'falls back to earth,' settles back into his regular form, finds the confidence to at least produce at career norms. Then, the media goes onto another guy and starts hyping him.

There are several pitchers having very good years as the sport is trending away from the steroid era. Keep an eye out for the guys getting too much media hype, and try to find value betting against them when they're in the spotlight. At the very least, don't lay high prices on those guys or bet Unders unless they've shown an ability to keep producing under pressure. Even then, focus on Unders rather than moneylines in the -200 range or higher.

You're just not going to GET THE BEST OF IT betting on media hype, whether you're talking about the 'best pitcher in the game,' the 'best team in the sport,' or 'one of the best teams of all time.' You're typically getting free points or free moneyline odds in going AGAINST the grain.

This is also true in the field of sports handicapping. The most hyped guys are either picking over their heads, or paying for hype out of their own pocket. Trust the names that have been successful for years, even decades. Trust the names that built the industry from the very beginning yet still stand on top of the field. Trust TONY SALINAS to make you a HIGH ROLLER in no time!

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