Possible Doormat Turnarounds

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Last year at this time, the Washington Nationals were a pathetic joke of a baseball team. They were 26-61 at the All-Star Break of 2009, which is even worse than Baltimore's current record of 29-59. If you think Baltimore's been a joke his year, Washington was more of a joke at this time last year.

The 2009 Nationals finished with a 59-103 won-lost record, which still sounds pretty horrible. But, that means they went 33-42 in the second half of the season. Big underdogs that go 33-42 actually make you money, and sometimes a lot of money. As long as the average return is better than +130...you're going to show a profit. Bettors who kept loading up against a team they thought had 'no chance' kept getting spanked. Those looking for value often found it with the Nationals.

Last year at this time, the San Diego Padres were 36-52. They weren't thought to be as bad as the Nationals, but they were another doormat. That was the third worst record in the Majors at the time. It was a young team made up of a bunch of minor leaguers. They moved Jake Peavy for some warm bodies, meaning they were just going to go through the motions and play out the string.

The 2009 Padres finished with a respectable 75-87 record, meaning they went 39-35 after the All-Star Break. A doormat team that had supposedly thrown in the towel and given up had a WINNING record at great prices. In fact, the Padres rallied so much that they finished at +3 betting units for the full season. Yes, a 75-87 record was PLUS money because of the underdog payoffs. Imagine how much you could have made on this team that had 'no chance' in the second half of last season.

Now, I don't want you to think that all doormats get up and kick the door down. Many stay flat on their backs the rest of the season. I just want you to be aware that at least one team that you think is horrible, and maybe more, is poised to make bettors some money in the second half of the season.

Here are the worst records as we start the second half of 2010:
Baltimore 29-59
Pittsburgh 30-58
Arizona 34-55
Cleveland 34-54
Seattle 35-53
Houston 36-53

It may be hard right now to imagine that one of those teams will have a winning record in the second half of the season. It was just as hard to think that about San Diego last year. We should expect at least one team to get good enough to make money even if they aren't good enough to post a winning second half record. These are professionals we're talking about. Men with pride. Be on the lookout this weekend for signs that some of these doormats are tired of being walked on.

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